random lundi gras

Today is Lundi Gras, or Fat Monday in New Orleans. If you're me, every Monday is Lundi Gras. That also goes for every day of the week.

You're allowed to laugh with me.

I'm watching a Hoarding: Buried Alive marathon. I like it when they start clearing stuff out and find pianos that the owners forgot were there. 

The ScrapFest! t-shirt is almost finished. It's all over but the tweaking. 

I just cried writing about the show I picked for tomorrow's TV blog. I am a dork. It has nothing to do with Hoarders.

Do I need to tell you how happy I am that the daughters have decided they do not want to play softball this spring? I may buy them trophies just because.

I have a new idea for the next big History Channel/A&E/TLC hit. Prawn Stars will follow New Orleans chefs who cook seafood. The main chef will be Chef Handsome John Besh. This is a brazillion dollar idea. Plus, lots of good food. 

This is Mardi Gras week. A lot of people I know are going to parades tomorrow. A lot of other people from my area are going skiing. These are not activities people with anxiety enjoy. I will be working from home tomorrow (and maybe shopping online). 

The 8 year-old needs a shoe box for a diorama she has to make, so I guess I have to buy new shoes. Darn.

I dropped my iphone (in a case) on the tile floor today and it wouldn't work for 15 minutes. I had a small heart attack.

My back hurts.

You know an episode of Hoarders is going to be good when the son-in-law shows up with a mullet and do-rag.

The hubs and I were watching tv the other night and a commercial came on for some cosmetic dentist. We thought it was fake because the before pictures were SO bad. I assumed it was fake SNL commercial. It wasn't.

Can we ban commercials that say the word "regular" and feature people smiling about constipation?

Also – commercials for diapers with the song "Whomp – There it is."






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