29 days of tv: day 19 – best kiss

Now, I should first say that I am a prude. I do not like love scenes as a rule and I hate seeing screen kisses where there is mouth noise and/or viewable tongue. It grosses me out. This may seem odd to you people, but it’s me.

The best kiss in the history of television happened in 1972 on All in the Family. Archie Bunker was a racist cab driver and Sammy Davis, Jr had left something in his cab. They posed for a photo together and Sammy kissed Archie on the cheek. At the time, this was huge. If you’re not familiar with Archie, he was bigoted against every nationality, race,and religion. Almost all of us can identify with it because there is a bigot in every family. It may be an elderly uncle you never see, but you have one.



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