29 day television challenge: day 16 – favorite mini-series

The Beatles Anthology.

The Beatles Anthology was broadcast in 1995 and I spent several nights watching it in a friend's apartment back in college. I am and have always been a Beatles fan, collector, and afficianado since the age of 10. I remember hearing "Norwegian Wood" in a clothing store in the Arcadia, LA outlet mall and I was hooked. For Beatles fans, the Anthology series was awesome because it told the stories behind the stories from the (at the time) three living Beatles. Looking back, it was really something. It aired before George Harrison's death and we got to see his interviews. This was different because Harrison was very private, but he was quite candid in these interviews. The bonus features on the DVD now have outtakes of Paul, George, and Ringo jamming and talking in a way we're not used to seeing. Watching the Anthology still makes me very happy. Here is one of my favorite parts, a little of one of the bonus features. 


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