29 day television challenge: day 1- a show that should have never been canceled

Arrested Development should have never been canceled. And as proof, it's coming back. There really aren't enough words to describe my feelings about this show. There are tons of running jokes, making fun of all kinds of handicaps, races, other shows, a never-nude. 

I'm giving you one scene that can be used in so many situations: when Franklin the offensive puppet tells Lucille, "I don't want no part of your tired ass country club, you freak bitch."



  1. We are off to a fantastical start.

  2. I have to sign in three times before it allows me to comment. That’s dedication.

  3. it is dedication. I’m impressed.

  4. Speaking of butts, check out this funny parody. http://youtu.be/4KE4K6VQnvo

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