So, Thursday was Thanksgiving. I thought I would tell y'all about the weirdest Thanksgiving ever. One year at the in-laws, they decided to have a cook do Thanksgiving and the male in-law, who shall remain nameless, told the cook to make all of his favorite foods. We had salad, egg drop soup, spaghetti and meatballs, and prime rib. It was like the Pilgrims meet the Sopranos in Chinatown. 

Have I ever told y'all about when another in-law wrapped half her Christmas gifts in Hannukah wrapping paper because she ran out of Christmas wrapping paper? And no, she's not Jewish. Raise your hand if you knew Hannukah paper existed.

I had pie for dinner tonight. I also had pie for dessert.

I can't remember if I've seen The DaVinci Code. It's on. Tom Hanks has weird hair in it. I know I haven't read the book because I tend not to want to read books everyone and their sister's baby daddy have raved about. I'm the same way about movies.

Man, I hope there is a good tv marathon on tomorrow. I love a good tv marathon. Like when all the Star Wars films are on. Or Kitchen Nightmares. Or Pawn Stars.

There is a show on television now called Big Shrimpin'. People, we live in a world where there is a show called Big Shrimpin'.

Oh good, the Vicki's Secret fashion show is on Tuesday night. Good thing I already gave you a wrap-up two weeks ago. Way to take your time editing, Vicki's Secrets.

I want queso.

My hair doesn't seem to be growing. I know that it's growing because of my roots, but it's not getting any longer. I have a theory that pixies are trimming my hair at night and making doll wigs. Seriously, my hair doesn't look like it's grown in 4 months and I've only noticed because I decided to grow it out. 

To the person who snuck away from their Thanksgiving to Google "redhead bbw pin-up" on Thursday, there is no hope for you. 

My hubs asked if something in Pirates of the Carribbean was CGI or not. "No, they found REAL mermaids for that shot." Sometimes I'm not sure about him. I told him the whole movie is pretty much CGI. I know I'm right. No need to use the Google.

Have you seen this wine called Cupcake? Does it taste like cupcakes? I don't like wine, but I might like cupcake wine. Hold the sprinkles.

We decorated the Christmas tree today. When I say we, I mean that I put on the garland and ribbon and I let the kids go to town putting on the ornaments. I'm letting go. It's not going to bother me that there are clumps of ornaments together and hardly any ornaments at the top of the tree. I didn't correct the 6 year-old when he called my cupcake ornaments "muffins." I'm not going to rearrange ornaments to make the tree more visually balanced. This is called letting go.

I have done exactly zero Christmas shopping. Go ahed, feel better about yourself!

I have never had a deviled egg. 

There is an iphone game Prof. Dr. Hiljary and I are playing (that apparently no one else knows about) called Dice With Buddies, but we call it Ghetto Yahtzee because it totally is. Fact: I love Yahtzee. When I was pregnant with the oldest child, the hubs and I played Yahtzee or Scrabble practically every night for a few months. I was unfreaking believeable at it. Then the hubs realized we were playing with 6 dice instead of 5 and took my extra die away. From then on we played Scrabble because I couldn't win at Yahtzee anymore. Then I realized I had lost any ability to spell when I tried to play "hunny" as a word.

Pregnancy does weird things to a woman. I don't recommend it unless you want to have a baby that will grow into an 8 year-old who will one day tell you to "chillax."




  1. Not sure about the “Cupcake” wine. However, the sommelier at work showed me a new vodka called “UV Cake” (white cake flavored vodka).

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