photo study: the Vicki’s Secret “Fashion” Show

As you know, I am nothing if not a fashion maven, so I was highly anticipating the annual Vicki's Secret Fashion Show. Let's get to it – there is a lot of fashion to get to.


Do you think it's hard for Super Boob Angel to fly with glass wings? I like her micro-micro mini. I always wear mine with my peek-a-boob crime fighting top so everyone can see that my undies and bra match. That's very important in superhero fashion.


Do you know how hard it is to find matching Battenburg lace wings and corsets? It's nearly impossible unless you have a DeLorean and can travel back to the Victorian era. Clearly Vicki went back to great-great-great grandma Queen Victoria for inspiration here. The cameo makes it classy.


When I'm fighting crime, I'm always sure to have my aero-dynamic cape/floatation device ready. 


Never fear, Banana Boob Batgirl is here (with matching thong).


Oh, look, it's the poster girl for former Runaways singer Cherrie Curry's book, Neon Angel. I would say she looks ready for the Vegas Strip, but she's already stripped.


"Well, fiddle-dee-dee! I do declare, the front of my dress has plum blown right off. Whatever shall I do?"



  1. You, my friend, are brilliant. Your fashion commentary is top notch. Thanks for the laugh. I’m going to show this to my daughter since she finds Victoria’s Secret commercials offensive. Can’t wait for her to see your take on the fashion show.

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