five things challenge – Day 12: Five Trends/Styles You Abhor

It should not surprise you that I have opinions on this.


1. camo on people who are not hunting. This is not "a look".


2. trucker hats. My father is a truck driver. Even he does not wear these. 


3. jeggings. For the love of denim, make it stop.


4. Beiber hair.



5. hobo facial hair/old dead president beards/the Grizzly Adams. There is a strange trend of men wearing facial hair that is sloppy and unkempt. I have nothing against a well-trimmed goatee or Tom Selleck's mustache, but guys – y'all have to shave. If you look like any of the men below, get thee to a barber before I come after you with a razor.

Images-7  Images-12  Images-8

Images-9  Images-10


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