five things challenge – Day 10: Five Pet Peeves

There is no list long enough for my pet peeves. I'm quite serious. So many things get on my nerves. Too many. And I've always been like this. For as long as I can remember, things have bothered me. Stupid things. Things that most people probably wouldn't notice. But I notice. 


1. people who say "literally" when they mean "metaphorically." As in, "you are literally killing me softly with your words." Or a person could say, "this is literally the best coffee I've ever had." Well, just say it's the best coffee you've ever had. My favorite is when stylist Rachel Zoe says "I am literally dying" or "this is literally bananas." No, you're talking about a coat. 

2. people who talk to me when I obviously do not want to talk to them. Example: yesterday I went to the car dealership to have my oil changed, tires rotated, and windshield wipers untangled (yes, I know the wiper thing would only happen to me). I took a seat in front of the tv playing Headline News in the waiting area and took out my iphone to check Facebook, text, and look busy. Isn't it common knowledge that you're not supposed to talk to people who look busy on a phone? So, this car dealer starts talking to me. He asks me who Herman Cain is. And just like that, I am sucked into conversation. He then asks me about the Penn State scandal (because I know everything) and finally, about the Conrad Murray trial. I tell the guy that Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. He says, "I'll tell you one thing. He didn't kill no Michael Jackson." True story. This kind of thing happens almost every time I leave the house. 

3. political survey calls. I'm on the Do Not Call Registry. I guess that doesn't apply to political surveys. 

4. the lack of petite plus sized pants in the world. I realize this only applies to my fellow short chubby girls and me, but COME ON. And let me just say that if there are big and tall stores for men, there should be short and plump stores for me. 

5. the endless fundraisers from our schools. It's November. We've had the World's Finest Chocolates fundraiser, the one with magazines and junk, Moo-Dat (where you send money for the kids to drink extra milk for a month), and now one to get a key tag for Wendy's Jr Frostys. Next week it's "Cap Day" and the kids pay $1 to wear a cap for the day. It's absolutely ridiculous. We also have a canned food drive and Wendy's Night – a portion of proceeds goes to the school. We had Dominos night last week. And I don't participate in all of this nonsense because I'd be broke. 


Isn't it too bad it's only a Top 5 list? I could do this all day.

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