five things challenge – Day 5: Five Names You Wish Were Yours

Well, this is an odd category.

My name suits me, I think. The only issues I have with it are that people cannot spell it and I get mail addressed to Mr. Kerry Faler. It's a unisex name and I'm very girly – go figure. I've never liked my middle name, Renae. My mother wanted to name me "Nevillie" – seriously. That's not even a name.

So, if I had to pick five alternate names I'd go with:

1. Carrie – it's a completely different name, really.

2. Kate – one of my favorite names

3. Caroline – also one of my favorite names

4. Claire – again, one of my favorites. Can you tell I like K/C names?

5. I can't think of a fifth, so I'm going with Pepper (like Pepper Pots from Iron Man).


Alternately, my top five drag queen/superhero names are:

1. Ginger Snap

2. Champagne Supernova

3. Lucky Charm

4. Spanx McGirdle

5. Latte Madonna

These are my drag queen/superhero names. If you do not have one for yourself, get your own. Also, if you should meet Ginger Snap in a dark alley, run. Or give her a candy.


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