more things people google

I believe this is the 3rd installment of Things People Google and Land on This Here Blog. I use Stat Counter for my blog's stats and my favorite thing about it is the handy dandy list it provides of the search terms people use.

Without further ado, here is the weirdness:


what a cookie can do scout

skull bong with smoke coming out the top

troll crafts for kids

tag line for a potato pudding

wheel cho hamster

oprah grave

old man sequin jumpsuit

miss albania

monchichie outfit

me to you bears love pink

kentucky derby bitch costume

herman cain wife photo


fred flintstone cuss words

chaka khans family

all of the beatles albums in order


where to buy pink coat black swan


leather beach pants

i'm on a cheesecake diet

forgot to wear clothes

sign with cat Maine

hair for people with fair skin

PMS – purchase more shoes

dog nativity set


I left out the dozens of variations of "red head BBW pin-up." Yes, dozens. The John Forsyth thing is new. Interesting.

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