gop race 2012: the musical

I was reading the Huffington Post this morning and noticed something. If non-English readers happened to peruse the front page (or Politics section), it would appear that the GOP presidential candidates are rehearsing for a musical. Every photo is jazz hands all over the place. I know — you need proof — well, see for yourselves.*


She's in the middle of "Shout." A little bit louder now.


A little bit softer now.


"Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me" was an interesting choice for Mr. Paul.


Mr. Perry is running for lead singer of Wilson Phillips. Hold on for one more day, Rick, things will go your way.

No one expected Rick Perry to do a magic trick in the middle of the musical. See — nothing in his hands, nothing up his sleeves. He will make Barack disappear. 

Pump up the jam, pump it up when your feet are stompin' and the jam is pumpin'.

And another one of Herman Cain because the next photo is awesome.

Gladys Knight, you're missing a Pip.

Sidenote: Newt Gingrich likes to show us how big his head is.

"Yes, it was this big in the '90s, then I went to Africa and had a witch doctor shrink it to the size you see now."

"I'm telling you, it was huge. That witch doctor was amazing. No, he had nothing to do with why my wife looks birdish."


*Some photos from HuffPo, others from various and sundry places of the interwebs.

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