Tuesday night randomness

Have you heard of the Listeria outbreak from Cantelope? On Huffington Post today the headline "How to stay safe during the deadly Listeria outbreak" made me laugh. Want to know how to stay safe? Don't eat effing cantelope. I am not concerned abou this in the least as I do not eat melon of any kind because I hate the texture of them. Gross.

My hubs sent me a link to the honey badger (my spirit animal) video. He said he knew he was a little late to the party on the video and I said "honey badger don't care."

Wi-fi is not working on my iPhone and it's making me mad.

Lots of things make me mad. I'm Irish and redheaded, so that shouldn't be a shock.

Drinking while watching Bravo and blogging is probably a cry for help. I wouldn't know anything about that, but I do like Kaluha and shows about fashion.  Mmm Kaluha.

Today I had a 3 and a half hour lunch with Kim at la Madeline. Next to us was a group of senior ladies playing cards, complete with a card shuffler. The card shuffler sounded like a blender and it felt like we were in an episode of the Golden Girls. 

Kim and I reminisced about the time I lived in Brunwick, Georgia and we went to the New Year's Eve Shrimp Drop (the giant shrimp fell into an old school satellite dish of cocktail sauce, but looked like it was humping the side). We wanted to get our fortunes told, but the hubs wouldn't let us because he said it was satanic, even though the fortune teller was the town librarian or something. 

Have I told y'all about when Kim and I took a trip to Williamsburg in 1999 and never actually went to Colonial Williamsburg? It was kind of pricey (at the time) and we had spent too much money at the outlet mall. We did take a picture in front of the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard, so all was not lost.

Have I told y'all about when I saw the blind country singer, Ronnie Milsap, outside of a mall and I waved? I would say that was an example of being young and dumb, but I'm pretty sure I would do the same thing today.

Have I mentioned I'm not a MENSA member?

More keystrokes of genius later. I'm going to trademark "keystrokes of genius."


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