ambien sponsored randomness*

* Not actually sponsored by Ambien because the Ambien people don't know who the hell I am.


I'm in a mood. I just am. I need cheering up. Like Alec Baldwin taking me to Ina Garten's house for dinner cheering up. You know, just an average Tusday.

OH MAH GAWD. The Dolphin Tale trailer is on again. It makes me want to jam burning hot fireplace pokers in my ears. 

I've taken to trying to make sense of the word Ambien. "Am Bien": am well. Bien can mean "good" or "well" so those are nice things for a sleeping pill to make you feel. 

My oldest child came home form the school book fair with a poster of a prairie dog (maybe, I'm not that great with naming memebers of the rodent family) and squirrel holding lightsabers in space, with the words "Paw Wars" above.. This made me laugh hysterically, like I do when I'm laughing so hard that no sound comes out and I start to wheeze. 

I laughed a few times like that at IHOP after ScrapFest! Stacy said (speaking of nothing) "I don't watch Dance Moms!" and we all lost it. You really had to be there, but it was good. Also, I brought up the fact that Meg didn't know who Betty Ford was at Celebrity Death Watch Weekend II, and everyone laughed. Then some drunk people came in, one girl had a boob hanging out and we think she wet the floor. After I left, a group of people dressed as Rainbow Brite, Cyndi Lauper, and Pee Wee Herman (with the bike) came in. Marleana too her picture with them. If she doesn't make that her Christmas card I will be mad at her.

I may turn a photo of my in my tutu into our Christmas tree topper. Stay tuned.

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