Archives for September 12, 2011

random monday nightness

Did I tell y'all that next month I will be going to a new dermatologist? Did I mention that she happens to share the name of a superfamous lifestyle icon. I'm making a list of obnoxious things to say, such as "I think it's awesome that you took up Dermatology in prison. I would think they would frown upon that, with the scalpels and all."

Yes, I did make my decision on which dermatologist to see based on her name. Okay, her name and a friend's recommendation. 

Am I the only one who spells "recommendation" with two Cs every single time? 

Milk Duds are one of my weaknesses. I don't know why.

I gave up on watching a movie with subtitles earlier because I couldn't make out the words and didn't feel like getting my glasses. 

This morning I tried to play "negro" on Words With Friends and it said it wasn't a word. I know it isn't an acceptable term and one most often used in the context of the past, but it's still a word. Where's my THAT'S RACIST gif when I need it? 

ScrapFest! is in a few days, so I will probably be MIA until next week. Try to keep it together. I'll be back soon.