Archives for September 8, 2011

search terms

Every so often I like to expose the contents of my blog stats and give you the recent search terms people have used, landing on this here blog. I will present these terms without comment (it's funnier that way).

  • pin up girl yawn
  • I thought it looked farty
  • is auburn a shade of orange?
  • turbo bitch
  • gays in hotpants
  • cursing nicknames
  • jedi hood
  • virtual boobs
  • barbies!
  • Chaka Khan family pictures
  • hair too long
  • big ass chain
  • Christmas zebras
  • what do vampires smell like?
  • dynasty hair
  • brick body type
  • baby girl adult urinal
  • lake slapaho
  • gay leather men
  • part ass Albanian sayings
  • little black boy that's racist
  • self diagnosis for hypochondriosis