getting out of dodge

So, for the next three days, my posse and I will be getting out of dodge and heading to a cabin in a swamp (not jungle) to hopefully not be eaten by alligators. I will try post from the swamp, but there is definitely no wi-fi and probably only Edge network. Expect a wrap-up next week. You know I always get Megan to do something picture-worthy.

What's with the card, Kerry? Glad you asked. The last time we went to the cabin it was Michael Jackson Celebrity Death Watch Weekend. It just won't be the same this weekend if a majah celebrity doesn't die unexpectedly. Two years ago when MJ died we had the tv on for hours watching CNN's coverage of the front of MJ's house and the hospital. We would turn it off for a while, then one of us would say, "I wonder if Michael Jackson is still dead" and we'd turn it back on. This weekend is my birthday. Is it too much to ask for a celebrity to suffer an untimely death for our weekend to be complete? I think not. 

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