tunes you need tuesday: Dawes

Man, it's been a long time since I've had a Tunes Tuesday. I'd say it's about time we had some music.

The Twittah is a great place for finding new music. When a band mentions another band I'm not familiar with, I'll check them out. This is how I found Dawes. Counting Crows mentioned them last month and since CC knows music, I went to the You Tube to see them. Shortly after that I saw Dawes on Letterman. 

Dawes is a 4-piece band composed of two brothers and two others. They hail from California and reminded me a little of Jackson Browne when I first heard them. Then I read that Browne does backing vocals on their new album, Nothing is Wrong. Weird and fantastic. They have a great sound and that's something I can get behind.

Here's "When My Time Comes" and two other songs I super like. Enjoy.




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