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30 day movie challenge — day 31: surprise day!

I knew I should have written this a week ago because now I'm in a horrible mood and I want to write about things that were missing from the 30 Day Movie Challenge. Ugh. 

The first thing that was missing was Best Movie Title, which would have to be To Wong Fu, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar. If you remember from my post after Patrick Swayze died, I love To Wong Fu. When I grow up I want to be Vida Bohemme. 

Another missing category was Best Holiday Movie. This seems like a natural category. I would pick several: The Shop Around the Corner, The Bishop's Wife, Love Actually, and both You've Got Mail and When Harry Met Sally

What about Favorite Kevin Bacon Movie? He's in everything. Apollo 13.

Thing You'd Want to Eat From the List of Shrimp Items Bubba Says in Forrest Gump: that would be gumbo. Coconut Shrimp is a close second. 

Don't forget Favorite Movie with a Crossdresser. Has to be Tootsie. Duh.

One of my favorite favorites would be Favorite Movie in Which Music is Important, But it's Not a Musical. I would have to pick High Fidelity. Love that movie. Love John Cusack. Little known fact — I will watch anything John Cusack is in even if it scares me to death (I'm talking about the freaky scary 1408).

I suppose this is the end of the challenge. I had fun, I hope you did as well. Ginger suggested doing 30 Days of Randomness after this. That's pretty much what this blog usually is, isn't it?