30 day movie challenge — day 27: movie that describes your life

Do you know what doesn't exist? A movie about a married extremely hormonal creative 30something year-old red-haired big girl. Go ahead, check IMDB — doesn't exist. 


Screen shot 2011-05-25 at 6.15.47 PMDo you know what does exist? Lots of other movies.

The movies I'll talk about today are what would describe my adolescence. My youth would be a blend of Pretty in Pink and Sixteen Candles.

My teenage years were spent trying to be myself and to figure out who that self was while being a poor creative red-haired girl trying to be noticed by whomever the guy of the time was. As most people who grew up on the poor side of middle class will tell you, I didn't know we were poor. I didn't have a car. I wore what I considered to be great clothes, but I babysat to pay for them. I didn't wear jeans. Not once in high school did I wear jeans. I thought I was fat. I thought everyone thought I was fat. I was different and I liked being different. Things were difficult for me though. I put up with a lot of crap that I should have stood up against. Bad things happened. Good things happened. I dated bad boys. I had good friends. I was clinically depressed. I loved. I lost. I didn't understand what was going on with me. I didn't understand why things were happening the way they were.

I was young. Someone should make it into a movie.

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