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I've been a mood. It was an extremely rough week thanks to a sinus and double ear infection, the last week of school for the kids, and hormones (or lack thereof). I thought I'd do a random post.

Last week was the oldest's 3rd grade award ceremony. It was held in the gym. Do schools not build auditoriums anymore? I loved the auditoriums of elementary and high schools. There is something wrong about not having auditoriums in schools. Auditoriums make things grander. There is nothing grand about a metal folding chair in a warm gym. I don't remember the auditorium of my middle school, perhaps because I hated middle school.

The boy child's Kindergarten graduation was in that same gym. The fonts used on the slideshow were Papyrus and Comic Sans. I cringed. 

The softball fields have been my hell away from home for the past month (and will be for another few weeks). I've been calling one of the girls on one of my girls' teams She-ra and I found out her name is Shira. I felt dumb. No offense to her parents, but She-ra would have been a more kick-ass name. I mean, she was the Princess of Power.

In other news, one of the channels on tv is bringing back Jem and the Holograms. Gonna have to watch that.

So, the kids are out of school for the summer and because they are kids, they want to craft on this Monday. I want to take a nap. Confession: I hate crafting with kids. I know I'm not supposed to say things like that, but I have to be honest with you people. The thing is, I have the patience of Job when it comes to some things, but not this. Not crafting. I'm all about the crafting, but not with the kids. What do they want to do today? Make rings and headbands. 

You know what else I hate? I will be at the ballpark almost everyday this week. I have given nicknames (in my head) to most of the people I see there, so that makes it a little more enjoyable. Inappropriate Mom wore yet another ridiculous outfit last week — I can hardly wait to see what she has on tonight. Overenthusiastic Uncle wasn't there Friday. Shut Up Grandma has moved to the top of my Most Annoying List. I hope Walmart Shorts got a makeover over the weekend, but I doubt it.

I'm listening to New Order and making a playlist to walk to. Starting with "Bizarre Love Triangle" of course. I've always found synthpop to work well for any type of workout music. I wore out my Pet Shop Boys Disco tape in college — the time in my life when I was most committed to exercise for some reason.

On another note, I was nearly killed by a Nordic Track machine in 1995– no coordination whatsoever. I can barely use a treadmill and don't get me started on stair machines. 

I love udon noodles.

Have you heard Pet Shop Boys cover of Coldplay's "Viva la Vida"? It's quite good. They mashed it with their "Domino Dancing" from Introspective. Good stuff. 

I need more udon noodles.


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