30 day movie challenge — day 18: film that is your guilty pleasure

If I count Mommie Dearest as one of my favorite movies what on earth could I list as a guilty pleasure? 

Okay, fine — The Legend of Billie Jean.

First of all, this movie is hella awesome. I'm only calling it a guilty pleasure because it's one of the only movies I would have to majorly defend if someone called and said "hey, whatcha doing?" 

Second, it stars Helen AND Christian Slater. Win.

Third, according to IMDB, Pat Benatar states at her concerts before belting into "Invincible," "This is from the worst movie ever made." 

4. The Texas accents are hilariously bad.

5. It features a running-through-a-mall scene with a Billy Idol song.

6. Helen Slater cuts her hair after gaining inspiration from Joan of Arc.

    A. I cut one of my Barbie's hair and made a Billie Jean outfit for her after seeing this movie in 1985.

    B. I may have gotten a similar haircut in 1985. 

7. The plot of this movie is absofreakinglutely ridiculous: Billie Jean stands up for her brother who had a scooter or something trashed by local teenagers and gets taken for $608. After accidentally shooting the guy who took her for the money (to pay for the scooter), she goes on the run with the brother and two friends. She watches a Joan of Arc movie and cuts her hair off, makes a video saying "fair is fair" and sends it to local news stations and has a stand off at the end. No guns.

8. The movie could never be made today and there will never be a remake because look – 



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