30 day movie challenge — day 17: an overrated movie

Dear Readers, 

There are several movies I think are overrated. Some of you will be fightin' mad if I say that these films are overrated, so I think I will go with one that may not make me lose any of you. If you are good friends of mine, you know what these movies are anyway and we have probably argued about this — but come on, one of my favorite movies of all time is Mommie Dearest, so why would you care what I think about the most popular science fiction/fantasy/nutjob movies of the past decade or so? You shouldn't. You should go about your day loving Gandalf the Grey or White and your preciouses and bullet-dodging guys in black trench coats and sunglasses and boy wizards with pet owls and shiny ass vampires who break all the rules of vampirehood set by Bram Stoker — but what do I know?

Don't listen to me. 

My example of an overrated movie is My Big Fat Greek Wedding, even though that will probably offend my Greek readers. Sorry, Greeks. 




P.S. Avatar too.


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