30 day movie challenge — day 7: favorite animated movie

My favorite animated film is Dumbo. 

Dumbo is my favorite for many reasons — the sweet story, the music, the elephants, the crows, the triumphant ending. It's a wonderful film that I've seen dozens of times and it never fails to make me laugh, cry, and root for the little elephant with big ears. Dumbo is the favorite Disney film of many people, but it was also Walt Disney's favorite, which makes it kind of special. This being my favorite, I know lots of trivia about the movie (because I've watched the "making of" and read about the film so much) — I thought I'd share it with you.

  • Dumbo was the film that almost wasn't. Walt Disney was reluctant to make it and had to be convinced by the story guys to do it. 
  • It was made to recoup the losses from Fantasia.
  • It's the only Disney film in which the title character doesn't speak (and Mrs. Jumbo only speaks once).
  • Dumbo is the shortest Disney feature — only 64 minutes long.
  • It was the first Disney film set in America (Florida).
  • It was the first Disney animated film to be released on video.

Here are my two favorite scenes. 




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