things from my Easter roadtrip

I learned things on my trip to the hometown — things I thought I would share with you for educational purposes. That's right — here on the Kerry Blog, I learn things so you don't have to!



3G isn't everywhere — do not be fooled by AT&T's map. Just because the rest of town has 3G, doesn't mean there will be 3G where you are. No, there is some kind of 3G forcefield over my grandfather's house.

Asking logical questions is pointless. For instance, if there is blue painter's tape around the window panes of a door, it doesn't necessarily mean someone is planning to paint in the near future. 

At some point on a 5-hour road trip, there will be mowers on the interstate. No allergy medicine can beat multiple mowers and grass and pollen and weeds.

Just agree with the person who says "that's a big beagle" when you stop to take your basset hound out.

You should probably be concerned about someone's OCD when there are two regular bars of soap, pump hand soap, Germ-x, facial soap, baby wipes, and makeup remover wipes on the counter of their bathroom and six types of shampoo and conditioner in their shower. This would be the bathroom of one single person, not a family of six. 

Restaurants do not really mean "no substitutions." That rule is for other people.

If you ask what someone thinks of something you're wearing and know they will say they hate it, don't be upset. 

Some people have no taste. 

Or tact.

If your order in a restaurant is at all (meaning in no way) confusing, point to and perhaps spell your order to avoid a mix-up, which could you wait 25 minutes for your sushi. 

Remember to pick up chocolate bunnies for the adult(s) you're spending Easter with or they may make comments the entire day about the Easter Bunny not bringing any for them.

Smile and nod when appropriate.

Maybe it's not a good idea to point while singing in the car, but how can you not when "Freedom" is on? I love love love that song.

Also, sorry guy in the ivory Yukon.


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