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all you need to know about Prince Harry


He's a man of the (Village) people. 

He has a way with words. 


He likes animals.


He keeps it real by hanging with Kanye and P.Diddy.



He is utterly adorable. 


Oh my.





all you need to know about the royal wedding

Princess Beatrice of Awesome wore this hat. It's a Phillip Treacy (like I had to tell y'all that — I know my readers knew it had to be a Treacy). I hope it comes in hot pink. Even though I do love this hat, it doesn't come close to my favorite of Beatrice's hats, also a Treacy.

If any of you really loved me, you would get me this hat. I need one for my birthday. This hat and dancing bears on motorcycles. 

it’s a look

My hair dried like this today. Be jealous.

it's a look

damn balloon

Remember over a month ago when I posted a similar pic? The damn balloon was still up today. I spent 10 minutes throwing things at it, but guess what? Turns out it's really high and I throw like a spaz.

damn balloon
So, I decided to try another method. 

I call it "balloon killer,"otherwise known as scissors duct-taped to broom. Yes, the children were out of the room when I did this and believe it or not, I did not injure myself making the weapon or stabbing the balloon.


And that's how Chuck E. Cheese died.

a blog announcement


Because the 30 Day Song Challenge was such a hit (yawns across the interwebs), I'm starting the 30 Day Movie Challenge. 

Here's the list of days.

Day 1: Favorite film 
Day 2: Least favorite film 
Day 3: Favorite comedy 
Day 4: Favorite drama 
Day 5: Favorite action
Day 6: Favorite horror
Day 7: Favorite animated movie 
Day 8: Favorite thriller 
Day 9: Favorite musical 
Day 10: Favorite foreign film 
Day 11: Favorite chick flick 
Day 12: Favorite documentary 
Day 13: Favorite movie from childhood 
Day 14: Favorite trilogy 
Day 15: Favorite 80’s movie 
Day 16: Favorite movie based on a true story
Day 17: An overrated movie 
Day 18: Film that is your guilty pleasure 
Day 19: Film that made you cry the hardest 
Day 20: Movie with your favorite actress 
Day 21: Movie with your favorite actor 
Day 22: Movie you wish you could live in
Day 23: Movie with your favorite soundtrack 
Day 24: Movie you're most embarrassed to say you like 
Day 25: Movie with a character you can really relate to 
Day 26: Movie you quote the most 
Day 27: Movie that describes your life
Day 28: Movie with the best ending
Day 29: Movie with the worst ending
Day 30: Your favorite movie this time last year
Day 31: Surprise!

things from my Easter roadtrip

I learned things on my trip to the hometown — things I thought I would share with you for educational purposes. That's right — here on the Kerry Blog, I learn things so you don't have to!



3G isn't everywhere — do not be fooled by AT&T's map. Just because the rest of town has 3G, doesn't mean there will be 3G where you are. No, there is some kind of 3G forcefield over my grandfather's house.

Asking logical questions is pointless. For instance, if there is blue painter's tape around the window panes of a door, it doesn't necessarily mean someone is planning to paint in the near future. 

At some point on a 5-hour road trip, there will be mowers on the interstate. No allergy medicine can beat multiple mowers and grass and pollen and weeds.

Just agree with the person who says "that's a big beagle" when you stop to take your basset hound out.

You should probably be concerned about someone's OCD when there are two regular bars of soap, pump hand soap, Germ-x, facial soap, baby wipes, and makeup remover wipes on the counter of their bathroom and six types of shampoo and conditioner in their shower. This would be the bathroom of one single person, not a family of six. 

Restaurants do not really mean "no substitutions." That rule is for other people.

If you ask what someone thinks of something you're wearing and know they will say they hate it, don't be upset. 

Some people have no taste. 

Or tact.

If your order in a restaurant is at all (meaning in no way) confusing, point to and perhaps spell your order to avoid a mix-up, which could you wait 25 minutes for your sushi. 

Remember to pick up chocolate bunnies for the adult(s) you're spending Easter with or they may make comments the entire day about the Easter Bunny not bringing any for them.

Smile and nod when appropriate.

Maybe it's not a good idea to point while singing in the car, but how can you not when "Freedom" is on? I love love love that song.

Also, sorry guy in the ivory Yukon.


you’re so selfless, cold and composed



It's easy to be easy to be easy and free when it doesn't mean anything.

happy Easter

It’s time to wish y’all a happy Easter from my Pappaw’s “computer room.”

happy Easter

and I’m off

It's not really a vacation because I'm driving with the three kids and the dog to the hometown, so don't get all jealous. Don't worry, I'll have photo documentation of this trip. It's starting off great already — I've packed all my medications and I'm wondering what the best way is to get Lucy Dog in her crate in the car. Specifically, a way that doesn't involve getting Basset fur on me. In case you weren't aware, Bassets can't jump into the car. We need a ramp.

There may be blogging from the hometown, who knows. The iPad 2 needs a Typepad app. The iPhone was is fine for the iPhone, but come on, Typepad. 

Have a lovely Easter weekend.

happy passover

Wishing my Jewish readers a happy Passover.


And because I love this more than anything on the You Tubes, here's Gwen and Freddie.