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and now something funny

Okay, I thought I'd post something funny after the serious post. 

This is "My Drunk Kitchen," which resembles the unfilmed nightly cooking show that goes on in my kitchen every night which I have dubbed "Cooking with the Wino." No, I'm not a wino (I don't drink wine), but I like the word "wino."  There is cursing, (because cooking is better with cursing) so don't watch in front of the chillens.


from The Daily What

stuff in the world

1287440596hairtragedy There are a lot of things going on in the world — tragedies and war and bad things in general, so I thought I'd take to the blog. 

When America invaded Iraq after 9/11, my oldest was too young to ask questions. After hurricane Katrina she was old enough to ask questions and to be afraid for months afterward when we saw storms on the news. Now she and her sister are asking about earthquakes, tsunamis, and nuclear disasters. I've explained that it was a natural disaster that damaged a nuclear power plant, but that led to the questions "what does nuclear mean? and what is radiation?" 

Parenting has never been simple, but we are parenting in different times. I've had to rely on my parenting partner, God, on how to answer my children when I have no words. This mom stuff is hard and though this isn't a mommy blog, I felt that I should address what's going on with what is on the minds of our children right now. Kids are savvier than we ever were. My children will watch the news with me when I feel it is appropriate and I encourage them to ask questions. They are only allowed on three websites and are closely supervised because the majority of the Internet is not intended for kids.

Chances are if your children are old enough to watch television they know something has happened in Japan. They may even know there is a crazy man in Libya. The thing is: they don't need to know everything, they just need to be reassured that they are safe and that you love them. As parents it's okay to ask if your children are scared about something.

And it's okay to tell them you don't know everything either, but that you love them and will protect them from anything. 

Tomorrow I'll be back to posting a song for the 30 Days. 



30 day song challenge: day 6 – a song that reminds you of somewhere

*I'm going taking the song challenge to mean "of all time," not genre-specific. Any of these songs are subject to change at any time. 

The entire Counting Crows album Hard Candy reminds me of my 22 months in Canada. I played that cd to death and I still love it.  Here is "American Girls."