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friday night special

I enjoy the unreleased songs. More specifically, I enjoy the "unofficially available" songs like Morrissey's "Sweetie Pie" and "I'm Playing Easy to Get." I got a few of these unreleased gems tonight and thought I'd share. The stripped-down version of "Sweetie Pie" is great. "Striptease With a Difference" is fantastic. "Oh Phoney" is pretty funny. Morrissey and the Smiths have been one of my favorites since I first discovered them in 1986.



I'm Playing Easy to Get

Sweetie Pie

Striptease With A Difference

Oh Phoney


you should have been nice to me

I found a Morrissey song that was previously unreleased and only available on the imported new release of Southpaw Grammar. "You Should Have Been Nice to Me" is a fantastic song. Here it is.


words and stuff

The funny thing about having a blog is that when you really want to get something off your chest, you can't because too many people you know in real life read your blog. It wouldn't matter if this blog was anonymous, but it happens not to be, so I can't write about what I most want to write about at the moment. There is a good thing about anonymity, a safeness about it. Someone writing in anonymity can put their feelings out there for the world and be free and not worry what people would think of them because no one knows their identity. I'm not all that guarded on the blog. I don't hold back a lot because this is my outlet, but of course there are things I don't tell You People. There are things I have to keep for myself, by choice or because typing some things out for the blogosphere would have ramifications, whatever they may be.

So anyway, words and stuff. The end.