saturday night random thoughts

While in the Walgreens drive-thru this afternoon, I came upon a brilliant idea. I'm going to open a drive-thru drugstore/coffee shop because I almost always want coffee and I frequent the Walgreens for a plethora of items/medications. I'm not a pharmacist, nor am I a barista, but I believe this is a brazillion dollar business idea. If you happen to have a bunch of money you'd like to invest in my idea, send me an email. 

Ask me about my other business ideas. Really, I should start a business start-up think tank. I would put Zuckerberg to shame. Plus, I would conduct all my business meetings in cocktail dresses just for fun. It would be Mad Men 24/7. With less booze. 

Would someone please put Pulp Fiction in chronological order for me? Thanks. 

I read this headline on Huffington Post tonight: Aretha Franklin Gives Up Chitterlings, Pigs' Feet & Ham Hocks. I don't know about you, but I'm with Aretha on this and in support I'm giving up those foods too. At least during Lent.

Oh, I just remembered, I don't do Lent. Darn.

My local Target is remodeling to make way for a bigger grocery section. When I went there on Friday, you would have thought I was in a foreign country — that's how confusing the place is. The good news is now they carry Rotel tomatoes. Hey Aretha — did you give up Rotel dip?

For no reason this afternoon I read the titles of movies on LIfetime.

I am deeply disturbed that there is a perfume called Vulva. Yes, I know what you want to ask. Yes, that's why I'm disturbed. Yes, I know that is gross. And you're welcome that I didn't put the commercial on the blog. You're very welcome.

Mitt Romney's cousin told me I was funny on Twitter, so I have that going for me. 

I wanted to go through the daiquiri drive-thru tonight (yes, we have those in Louisiana), but I thought the drive-thru person might be judgmental because I had Popeye's chicken in the seat next to me and the kids in the minivan. I have anxiety over what the drive-thru people will think of me — this is why medication exists. 

I'll also tell you that when I was in the working world in Atlanta and left work for lunch I hated telling co-workers where I was going because I didn't want to bring anything back for them. I didn't want drive-thru people thinking I was eating for six. I almost always went to Boston Market. Sometimes I only got their creamed spinach and a piece of cornbread. I miss the Boston Market. 

Once in Atlanta the hubs and I were walking into a tiny Mexican restaurant when a van pulled up and unloaded dead goats. It is not a coincidence that I almost always get cheese enchiladas at Mexican restaurants. 

Something is in my eye. More later.


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