lemonheads kind of day

It's been a Lemonheads kind of day. The band, not the candy. I love this band. Yes, I've written about them before, but humor me.

I first heard of The Lemonheads in Sassy Magazine when I read about the fantastic Evan Dando. I knew this was music I'd like and bought Lick without hearing a single song on it. Shortly after that I saw The Lemonheads on 120 Minutes on MTV and heard more about them. I still think The Lemonheads had something that no other band then did. They weren't just pop, definitely not grunge — they were doing their own thing and doing it well. 

"Confetti" is my favorite Lemonheads song. One of my favorite songs period. I like this version a lot.


Another favorite, "If I Could Talk I'd Tell You."


"Into Your Arms" is one of their more well known songs. This is a particularly good performance. And Evan Dando's hair looks particularly nice. 


And just for fun, Lemonheads doing "Luka" by Suzanne Vega. This was on the 1989 album, Lick. I can't remember when I bought that album, I'm thinking it was 1991, but I know I bought their '92 and '93 albums on the day those were released (because that's the kind of person I am). The Lemonheads made a lot of good music in the 1990's. "Luka" was one of the first covers I heard that I thought was better than the original. The video is also pretty great. Evan sitting next to a television. 


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