thoughts during the puppy bowl

The hubs is watching the Supra Bowl at a party, so the kids and I are watching the Puppy Bowl.

I don't think they needed the addition of chicken cheerleaders.

One of the puppies' names is Jessie. I have an aversion to that name. Names I also have an aversion to are Justin, Bill, Tina, Steve, and names that end in I. Names that end in I look unfinished to me. This is my logic, welcome to it.

I saw the commercial for Mike Tyson's pigeon show and he said he never loved anything until he had his pigeons. Do you think that makes Robin Givens mad?

The beagle mix on this show is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

After getting several emails and texts the past few days I'm convinced people cannot follow directions.

We had a slumber party for the oldest child Friday night. One little girl had a meltdown because her fleece pj pants were making her too hot. I empathized.

I'm not a smushed-in dog face kind of person.

I also hate German Shepards. One bit me on the butt when I was little. And I think they look like wolves.

Rotel dip may be my favorite food.

Just saw a commercial for pet arthritis medicine.

Kitty Halftime is the best thing in my life at this moment. You haven't lived until you've seen Kitty Halftime.

You really haven't lived until you've seen Mike Tyson wax poetic about pigeons.

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