another thing

This would be the other reason I'm getting nothing done today.

another thing
This is Lucy. She is my basset hound. It is raining and when it is raining she does not know what to do in the house. She spends the day sniffing for food. The whole day. I know she's a scent hound, but good grief. I'm sitting at the kitchen table on my laptop and she is watching at me, hoping I will to drop a crumb even though I'm not eating anything. She's been upstairs twice today which means she's fallen down the stairs twice. You know how all basset hounds you've seen in movies or on tv are lazy and just lie around all day — not so much. This one has lied down once today and it's 2pm. I thought this would dissipate when she grew out of the puppy stage and she would just be my lie-around basset who keeps me company while I read, but she's four and is showing no sign of becoming my lie-around basset. 

By the way, Prof. Dr. Hillary would like to let you know that her beagle is available if you need a beagle. Hill has rescued dogs and has one too many and I'm a one-dog kind of person. 

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