beagle freedom project

If you're a regular reader of the blog you know I don't often post things for awareness, but I saw this video earlier and even my cold heart was moved. Maybe it's my love of hound dogs (my Lucy is a basset) or that my first childhood dog was a beagle, but I hate the thought of a dog living out his life never stepping on grass or having a name. Beagle Freedom Project is rescuing research dogs who were bred to be sold to pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies for testing. The beginning of the video is sad to watch, but the end is wonderful.




  1. I take this as a sign that you are willing to have my beagle move in with you. Thank you. That is really kind.

  2. Thank you for being REAL ANGELS! What a wonderful job! I cant help but repeating myself: the people/companies=ALL SCUMS,who profit from the animals’ pain/suffering/blood, should GO and should GO NOW !!!!

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