crop roundup

Last weekend was the crop in Orange Beach. I wish I could have brought you all with me, but I probably would have coughed on you and now you'd be sick. So, here's what happened at the crop: I got sick, Megatron wore two hoodies at once, Frugal Beth spent more money than I, and Prof. Dr. Hillary caught her first roll at Lambert's. After Hilly caught the roll she got all into the Lambert's experience with all the passarounds. The passarounds at Lambert's are fried okra and potatoes and things like that. The rolls are awesome.

Look at that roll. 

I love bread. I haven't had a lot of bread since I've been on Weight Watchers, so I savored that roll. It was as big as a softball. Everything at Lambert's is big. I had meatloaf and it was the size of a meatloaf I'd make at home. Huge. They also have weird side items, like beets. I've never had beets, so I deem them weird. I like almost all vegetables, but I'm not going to try beets. 

At one point at Lambert's, Frugal Beth attempted to catch a roll, but it hit a metal rooster hanging from above our booth and the roll exploded into a million pieces. It was comical.

Photo[1]Also, it was Meg's birthday. It wasn't actually her birthday, but we made it her birthday (it was Thursday). Here's a little known fact about our dear Megatron: she detests any public acknowledgement of her birthday. Naturally, I enjoy making public acknowledgements of her birthday because it's fun. When we walked in Beth told our server it was Meg's birthday and when she and Meg went to the restroom (because Meg has to wash her hands upon entering any restaurant and announces it) I made sure the server knew it was Meg's birthday. The announcer at Lambert's told of someone's birthday, a couple's wedding the next day, and a kid getting his learner's permit — we joked that next they would announce someone was losing their virginity that night.

Then it happened – they announced Meg's birthday and asked her to stand. She glared at me and said "did you do this?"  She refused to stand. They said it again. She just sat. I think she said "I hate y'all." Then came the best part – "Megan who is with the 3 ladies, please stand." She stood. It was great. People yelled "woo-hoo." No one died. 

And we ate rolls.


PhotoAnd we made mustaches out of pipecleaners. It was good times.

Please note that Hill wore a "Hillary Rocks" t-shirt. She was keeping it real. She claims she bought the shirt during Hillary Clinton's campaign, just as I wanted a shirt when John Kerry ran. I love that she wore this shirt to the fancy schmancy restaurant in the hotel. 

Besides being Meg's semi-birthday, it was also Hilly's anti-versary. She was married in Orange Beach years ago that week and stayed at the same resort where we were staying. She is no longer with Mr. Prof. Dr. Hillary, but as you can see, she has it going on and won't be single for long.

Since it was an occasion, I decided we needed a cake. I like cake, so I find lots of occasions call for cake. I had talked to my friend and baker extraordinaire, JBC and she said she was up to the task of a divorce cake, so we just needed to decide on an idea. My friend Molly had the idea of a voodoo doll man (thanks, Molly – I had a piece for you) and I emailed JBC immediately. She sent me pics of four cakes within minutes. It had to be red velvet of course. 


The cake came out great. And delicious. And funny. Remember to contact JBC (aka Jenny from the Block/Sister Cardinal) for all your voodoo cake needs. And if you see JBC, tell her to get on Facebook because it annoys me that she isn't on. There is hope for her, as she finally got a phone that does more than make calls. 

So, that was the crop. Fun had by all and bronchitis had by me. Good times. 


  1. Yes, I can text AND take pictures AND make calls on my phone! ha ha The REAL question is how many pages did you get done (between coughing fits and making pipe-cleaner moustaches?)

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