resolutions for 2011

2011.  Can you believe it? I'm still writing 1999 on my checks.  

I've been writing resolutions on the blog for a few years now and I thought I might as well do it again even though every year I say "why am I doing this?"  So, here goes.


1. Burn my Spanx.

2. Not blog while angry.  

3. Okay, not blog while angry on narcotics (often).

4. Okay, not blog while very angry.

6. Eat crunchy foods again.

7. Only go to the hospital to visit people.

8. Get some sort of title like Duchess bestowed on me.

9. Try to sing in the grocery store less.

10. Not take on any design projects for free unless it's for bffs or Alec Baldwin.  Or Clooney.

11. Not go to rehab for anything.

12. Try to reference Stefon more (because it's this thing like where somebody calls Miss Piggy Fat and she goes "hai ya!")

13. Not cry in a doctor's office.

14. Get an invite to Prince William's wedding.  

15. Ask Prince William to give me a title like Duchess.  Duchess Ree Ree would be good.



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