Tunes Tuesday: Delta Spirit

Delta Spirit is fantastical.  That's all you really need to know.

But here's the intro of their Wiki:

Delta Spirit is a band from San DiegoCalifornia. They are often dubbed as a “hybrid of rock and northern soul” or as an "Americana/soul" group. The group incorporates unconventional instruments (such as trash cans lids and orchestral bass drums), the multi-instrumentalism of the members and the vocal delivery and religiously/spiritually-themed lyrics of singer Matt Vasquez. The group consists of Jon Jameson (bassist), Brandon Young (percussionist), Matthew Vasquez (vocalist/guitarist), and Kelly Winrich (multi-instrumentalist).

I found out about Delta Spirit from a music site that I stumbled on and instantly loved them.  Each song is better than the last.  I've downloaded their albums History From Below and Ode to Sunshine and I really can't say enough good things about them.   These guys are the real deal.  I think you'll like them. 

"Bushwick Blues" is the first song I listened to, so I'm offering it up first.  I'm including several songs today because it was hard to pick favorites.  Good stuff.  Enjoy.


"White Table" is amazing.  The percussion blows me away.


Shut up.  "Motivation" rocks.  I like the jam session sound of it.


"People C'mon" may be my favorite.   


But maybe "Trashcan" is my favorite.  I love me some rocking piano.


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