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This is my current iPhone home wallpaper. Merry merry.


tunes Tuesday: runaway dorothy

So, I follow Mr. Adam Duritz of Counting Crows on the Twitter and he's raved about a band called Runaway Dorothy, so I figured I should check them out.  I liked what I heard.  Runaway Dorothy is wonderfully authentic in a day and age where popular music is over-produced and commercial.  

In this video you'll hear some of Runaway Dorothy's music and frontman, David Parnell, talk about song writing.  


The band also has this embeddable player to share of their album, The Arc.  My favorite is "Katharine Song." Check them out.

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Tuesday randomness

It's a pajama day for me.  It was storming this morning and I went back to bed after getting the kids on their respective buses.  I thought I'd bring you up to speed on the randomness that is my life.

Last night I realized I'd worn my bra inside out all day.  If you're a woman (or a cross-dresser, there is no judging on the Kerry Blog) and you've ever put your bra on inside out, you know that you have to be Houdini to get it off.

My dog just scared herself and I laughed hysterically.

I think my dog is gaining weight.  She ate a Christmas ornament this morning.  I think she has an eating disorder.

Yesterday I changed my ringtone to "Christmas in Hollis" as I do every Christmastime.  

One has to find fun where one can.

My 9 year-old calls Wheat Thins "Thin Wheats."  Kids are weird.

Yesterday the little old man who always speaks to me at Target said he was disappointed to not see me on Black Friday because he knows I am a mystery shopper.  I replied, "I'm a mystery alright."  

I am not a mystery shopper.  Everyone knows I shop.  I'm practically a professional.  For realz.

Professor Dr. Hillary (I like referring to her by her titles or Dr. Hilly or Hilljary) and I went to one of our favorite places, Casa Garcia (or Casa G if you're gangsta) and I'm not sure if we can go back.  I'd told Hilljary that I'd seen an ad that said Casa G now had a lunch buffet, but we didn't see one.  We went back and forth over asking our server if there was one because you never know, they could have it hidden somewhere.  Hillary asked and our server said we must have seen the ad about catering.  So, I asked if they could cater our lunch and set up a buffet because we'd like one of everything on the menu.  I'm pretty sure she will never wait on us again.  

I wouldn't blame her.  

At Barnes and Noble, Dr. Hilly found one of those daily tear-off calendars of inspirational quotes and bought it for me because she knows I hate inspirational quotes.  

FYI:  if I read your inspirational quote status update on Facebook, I mentally gag.

I'm going to make an anti-inspirational quote calendar with things like "we're all going to die one day" and "Spanx wouldn't hurt, I'm just saying."

Now that I think about it, I may also write a self-help book or become a motivational speaker.


so, this is just wrong

Let's examine this:

Screen shot 2010-11-29 at 4.42.34 PM

I took a partial screencap of the Lane Bryant site this afternoon.  Note this section of Pants & Jeans is called "leggings and jeggings."  


J E G G I N G S.  

Not only are they selling control top capri leggings, they're also offering knit skirts with ATTACHED leggings. One is a DENIM KNIT skirt with attached leggings (jeggings?).  

Obviously this is another sign of the Apocalypse.  

announcing the 3rd annual Ugly Christmas Lawn Decor Contest

Yes, we're doing it again.


That's right.  The Ugly Lawn Decor Contest is back.  So, take a pic or video of the tackiest Christmas-decor-filled yard in your neighborhood and email it to me @  The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve and will receive a Starbucks giftcard, so you can buy all the Peppermint Mochas you want for $25.  I may even throw in some tinsel. 

You know there is a lawn that defies the laws of hideousness, so send me the pic.

If you need inspiration, here's Jenn's entry from last year:

That is some ugly.  

Christmas gift idea #5

Sometimes I go looking for Christmas gift ideas for you, sometimes the ideas find me.  This post happens to be an example of the latter.

Christmas gift idea#5: 80's Barbies

My 7 year-old has Barbies on her Christmas list.  Barbies are a great gift idea for girls and 36 year-old women who have 7 year-olds.

While browsing the for Barbies I came across this doll.



This is Peaches and Cream Barbie.  She debuted in 1984 and she was one of my favorites.  I was a Barbie nut.  I was 10.  

When I saw this doll online tonight — FOR SALE — I was 10 again.  I remember opening her box.  She smelled of peaches.  Her dress was chiffon and she had a stole!  

This was glamor straight out of Dynasty.  

Speaking of Dynasty.  

51nfeMGK+rL._SL500_AA300_Shut.  Up.  Remember last week when I posted about Joan Collins and wrote out loud that when I was a kid I made my Barbies reenact scenes from Dynasty?  

 Hello, Mattel?


I continued to browse the Barbies 'til I hit gold.  GOLD RECORDS!

41C1YVmmtqL._SL500_AA300_ 41BEzTQzkWL._SL500_AA300_
21utECTb34L._SL500_AA300_ 41sazATMtjL._SL500_AA300_

Cyndi Lauper, Joan Jett, Cher, and Flashdance Barbies.  

I'll give you a moment.  


Okay.  I'm back.  I put on my legwarmers and cut the neck off my sweatshirt.  Now I'm all better.  

Thanks for your concern.  


happy thanksgiving

I've been posting my thankfulness list on my blog for years, but this year I'm taking the year off.  Right now I just want this week to be over.  I may take a couple of days off the blog, but next week starts a new week of the random pointless drivel you know and tolerate.  

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. 



sweet potato pie

In case you're still in need of a pie for tomorrow, I'm going to save your Thanksgiving and give you Mammaw Patsy's sweet potato pie recipe.  This is the best pie ever.  Don't try to tell me your pumpkin pie is the best, this is where it's at.  I made two of them today.  One for me, one for my guests.  I didn't make my own pie crust this year — I just wasn't up to it (don't tell Martha Stewart).  Mammaw Patsy never made her own pie crust, so it's okay.  

The recipe that follows it exactly how my grandmother wrote it to me in an email twelve years ago.  I make it every year.


1&1/2 cups sugar         

l cup sweet potatoes,mashed
2 eggs                    

1 stick margarine

1 sm. can Pet milk (5 ozs) 

2 Tbsp. flour

1/2 cup sweet potato water   

1 Tsp. Nutmeg (or to taste)

                                                                                                            l Tsp. vanilla

Cook sweet potatoes until done, pour 1/2 cup of water off potatoes, add water to potatoes and mash, add
margarine and whip.  (Do this in the pan you cooked potatoes in) Remove from fire when margarine is
whipped.  In a separate mixing bowl, add flour and nutmeg to sugar and mix.  Add eggs to sugar and flour mixing well, then add milk mixing well.  Pour this into potato mixture and put back on stove and heat just
until hot, stirring constantly.  Pour into unbaked pie shell – Bake at 425 degrees for about 15 mins. until
top begins to brown, lower heat to 350 degrees and cook until done (about 30-45 mins.)  Pie is done when
knife comes out clean.  Or bake at 350 degrees.  

Kerry, this will make 2 of the regular pie crust.  I use one and one-half of the recipe to make 2 deep dish

Hope they turn out great.

Love you,



I hope you have a great Thanksgiving.  Have pie.  Love, Kerry

give thanks

Isn't that what it's all about.  I should start my annual thankfulness list.

Tunes Tuesday: Delta Spirit

Delta Spirit is fantastical.  That's all you really need to know.

But here's the intro of their Wiki:

Delta Spirit is a band from San DiegoCalifornia. They are often dubbed as a “hybrid of rock and northern soul” or as an "Americana/soul" group. The group incorporates unconventional instruments (such as trash cans lids and orchestral bass drums), the multi-instrumentalism of the members and the vocal delivery and religiously/spiritually-themed lyrics of singer Matt Vasquez. The group consists of Jon Jameson (bassist), Brandon Young (percussionist), Matthew Vasquez (vocalist/guitarist), and Kelly Winrich (multi-instrumentalist).

I found out about Delta Spirit from a music site that I stumbled on and instantly loved them.  Each song is better than the last.  I've downloaded their albums History From Below and Ode to Sunshine and I really can't say enough good things about them.   These guys are the real deal.  I think you'll like them. 

"Bushwick Blues" is the first song I listened to, so I'm offering it up first.  I'm including several songs today because it was hard to pick favorites.  Good stuff.  Enjoy.


"White Table" is amazing.  The percussion blows me away.


Shut up.  "Motivation" rocks.  I like the jam session sound of it.


"People C'mon" may be my favorite.   


But maybe "Trashcan" is my favorite.  I love me some rocking piano.