tunes you need Tuesday: Pomplamoose

If you haven't heard my new favorite band yet, well, you're about to.  I've recently discovered the musical fabulousness that is Pomplamoose.  Their name comes from the French word for grapefruit in case you didn't know (really, this blog is so freaking educational).  Pomplamoose is Nataly Dawn and Jack Conte.  Just two people who possess incredible musical talent.  

Take a listen.


Pomplamoose has produced three albums available on iTunes and makes fun VideoSongs for their You Tube channel.  I love the concept of a song with a video blog at the end.  Very fun.


"It's all for show, so bake me cookies."  Love it.



How fun are Pomplamoose?  Very fun.  And way good.


I adore that song.  Love the quirkiness of it and the idea that someone in a relationship has an expiration date. And the Cary Grant clips don't hurt at all.


"Another Day" may be my favorite.  

"Another hour
Flying by
I've yet to shower
Yet to dry
And if you told me I was wonderful I probably would 
wonder why."


Of course, they covered "Beat It" for their album of covers.  I'm also partial to their version of "September" by Earth Wind and Fire.  


Have  I mentioned what a xylophone playing fool I was as a kid?  Oh, yeah.  I rocked the glockenspiel too.  I rocked it hard.  Can I join Pomplamoose?

I hope y'all love the Pomplamoose as much as I do.  Go download their albums and support good music.

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