tunes you need Tuesday: Lonely Avenue

There hasn't been a Tunes You Need Tuesday in quite some time, but Ben Folds put out a new album, so I'm bringing it back, baby.

Lonely Avenue is the new album by Folds with lyrics by author Nick Hornby.  Yes, Nick Hornby, author of High Fidelity and  About a Boy.  If you've read Hornby's novels or seen the films based on them, you know that music plays an important part in all of his work, but it's rare to see a novelist turned songwriter.  

My review: Hornby and Folds make a dynamite combination.  I'm a fan of both, but together they really bring it.  The lyrics are great – very much a story-telling vibe, something unlike anything you'll hear on the radio today and the music is pure Folds.  

Folds and Hornby introduce the album and explain how it was written as well as have excerpts of the songs in this lovely little video.  

This is "From Above."  Folds says Hornby wrote it about soulmates and how we must pass each other on the street, never meeting.

And because after hearing it I said "wow," here is "Levi Johnston's Blues."  Yes, as in Bristol Palin's baby daddy.  The chorus is from his My Space page.  It's kind of insane.  In a good way.

I'm sure I'll post more as more live videos pop up on the You Tube, as I'd rather give you the videos rather than just the audio.  I do love the Ben Folds live videos, he's such a great performer.  So enjoyable, just like the new album.

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