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like I’ve been saying for years




quotes from yours truly

quotes from yours truly

something to keep in mind

I'm in a mood.  

I've had words with someone close to me.  

I forgive, but I don't forget.  

I want to go to there

Joshua Jackson, or "Pacey" to da Creek fans, may just be the most adorable creature ever.  Who's coming with me to Pacey-Con next year?

Pacey-Con with Joshua Jackson from Joshua Jackson

Counting Crows just because

or maybe because I don't have the words.  


and that's about it.

a cappella Ben Folds

Just when you thought I couldn't feature Ben Folds in any other way — HA! I go and serve up my favorites from the University A Cappella contest on You Tube.  This is enjoyable stuff.

This is a great song, done well by the Spartones.  Love the energy.

"Gone" is one of my favorite songs period.  Well done.

Shut up.  That was great.  And color coordinated.  

"Zak and Sara" works well as an a cappella song.  I think this guy moonlights as DJ Lance on Yo Gabba Gabba.  I'm not kidding.  

Hope y'all enjoyed the a cappella stuff.  It's a fun change from the norm, I suppose.  Plus, they're Benny songs.  

and now – advice for young girls from cartoon princesses

The Second City Network made a video with a certain cartoon mermaid saying what I've been telling people for years.

I know I'm not the only woman ruined by the Disney princess films.  

I waited for my Prince Charming to come on a white horse, but he wasn't a prince and at the time he drove a Nissan Maxima.  Now he drives an Explorer.  I'm not sure if he's ever been on a horse.  

Sadly, I cannot communicate with woodland creatures and they have never made me a dress or cleaned my house.

Oh, and back in the day, I tried being someone I wasn't to win a guy too.  That never works.  I could write a non-bestselling book of tips on how not to win a guy.  Remind me to do that one day.

I hope The Second City Network makes this a series.  I think Snow White's advice would be superb.

head’s up - Just a head's up that I'm sick and would appreciate the opportunity to bravely decline your offers of attention

I thought I should explain the lack of posts lately.  I have strep throat.  It is not da bomb.

my favorite television show

Curb Your Enthusiasm has been my favorite television show for a good while now.  If you haven't seen it, you should.  Most everything on the show happens as a result of some misunderstanding between Larry David and another character or because of Larry's big mouth, saying something he shouldn't have.  You don't know how much I identify with Larry.  

This is my favorite clip from the show, in which Larry had to change a flat tire himself because his wife canceled Triple A and guest stars Wanda Sikes, who in the episode Larry tells, "I'd know that tush anywhere."

"What's that shit all over´╗┐ you? What you've been doing – scrounging around looking for assess? All under bleaches and shit – WHERE'S THE ASS?"    I'm going to try my best to work that into a conversation this weekend.

return of sassy gay friend

If only The Giving Tree would have had a Sassy Gay Friend.  

And Sassy Gay Friend does Othello.

"i gave a cough drop to king lear last week. does that mean i had sex with him? no. and i never would cuz one, he's crazy.´╗┐ two, he wears pleated pants" may be my favorite quote of all time.