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So, I haven't written a real post in a while.  Lots of videos and photos, but very little in the way of words, which is what I used to do best.  Or at least that's what I like to think anyway.  I've been a bit busy and here is the update.  

The hubs came home from working in Utah last month and was hired by an Alabama-based company.  This means we're moving.  This means we will have had our 9th move in almost 13 years, if I've counted correctly (and I'm horrible at math, so I'm probably missing one and I didn't even count my move to Macon, GA when I married the hubs – I threw that one in for free).  This means the kids will be changing schools.  This means I'll have to make the two-hour drive in for Scrap-Fest!  This means finding a new church.  This means finding a new sushi place.  This means I will probably have a nervous breakdown this summer.

Being that I've moved 42 times, I've learned a few things and I've developed a couple of philosophies on the subject.  When I move into a new neighborhood it's never my intention to be best buds with the neighbors.  I never have the notion that we will be there forever and I don't want to get attached.  Plus, I've had some weirdo nutjob neighbors.  No offense to weirdo nutjobs.  I'm very much a homebody.  I'm the woman in the neighborhood who drives into her garage and closes the garage.  I'm not out in the front yard planting whatever people plant.  I'm in the air conditioning enjoying the great indoors.  I'm not the friendly neighbor at the bus stop all cheery at at 6:45 am dressed for the day, coffee in hand.  I'm the grumpy neighbor in my robe and Bozo the Clown hair, standing in my driveway who desperately wants to be back under the covers because the sun is barely up.  This is who I am.  

For this move I've come upon a new philosophy: enough people have seen me naked, therefore I will come back to this town for exams until my gynecologist retires and I am forced to find another one.  At that point I will interview gynecologists in my new town.  Yes, I said interview.  I will have a list of questions.  Maybe an essay, I haven't decided yet.  Hopefully Dr. B won't retire for several years and I will have a while to think about it. The one thing I know for sure is that he doctor I choose will have pedicure chairs in the waiting room and the artwork will be fabulous.  

When one moves, the most frustrating thing is finding the new whatever it is to replace your old whatever it was in your old town.  I will have to find a new nail place.  This is frustrating because I've finally found a good one here.  My nail place and I have gone through a lot together.  I watched half of my first Lifetime movie there (I still don't know if the woman ever got her kid back or if her blanket-making business ever took off), I was asked to hook up their DSL, and I've explained different facets of the American political system now that the shop tv is tuned to FOX news or CNN Headline News instead of Lifetime.  Two weeks ago, I was having my nails done and watching the news while the nail techs spoke rather loudly in Vietnamese, which I ignore since I didn't take Vietnamese in school.  My ears perked up when my nail tech said "Bobby Jindal."  I only wish I knew the context.  And I only hope this kind of thing happens in Alabama.  

So, I will be chronicling the move.  If everything goes as planned, we should be moving the last week of June/first week of July.  Hopefully we will be in the new house by my birthday.  Hopefully I won't lose my mind by then.

my commentary on the BP oil spill

Oil Spill Protest in Jackson Square Sunday May 30, 2010

fake ben folds

I dig the Ben Folds.  I'd been listening to his stuff all morning, then thought I'd seek out some of his fake songs for fun.  When Ben released his latest album, Way to Normal, he recorded a bunch of "fake" songs with the same or similar titles as the real tracks and leaked them online.  Ben likes to mess with people.  Some of the songs are good, some are obvious jokes; I'm just glad they're out there.  Enjoy.

I really like "Lovesick Diagnostician."  This should have been on the album.

"Free Coffee Town" isn't bad.

This "Frowne Song" is just silly.

I prefer this "Bitch Went Nutz" to the album version.  

I'll say it again: Ben is the man.

for your favorite lush

Because everyone has a favorite lush.

I saw these on Rare Bird Finds (link in left sidebar) and had to check the Etsy store out for myself.   I adore these drunken tags. 

Sunday rewind: omd

It's about time I had a decent Sunday Rewind, don't you think?

True story: in 1987 I asked an aunt for OMD's greatest hits album for my birthday and she bought me an album by Ozark Mountain Daredevils.  

 OMD is Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, the fantastic synthesizer-based '80s band from England made popular by their song "If You Leave" from the film Pretty in Pink.  Love that movie.  OMD made great catchy songs that stood apart from their contemporaries in that their music was different, poetic, and often very special.  What Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys did was give a heart to synthesizer New Wave.

Let's explore the best of OMD.

"Talking Loud and Clear" is an example of OMD doing something different. 

"So in Love" is so nice.

Love this song.

"I look at you and I make the same mistakes" is pretty poignant, I think.

I saved the best for last.  "If You Leave" is one of the '80s songs that is just perfection.  I'll play this 42 times today.  

Does it get better than that?  No.

friend of the devil

I came across this acoustic recording of Counting Crows performing the Grateful Dead's "Friend of the Devil"on Howard Stern and it blew me away.  I think it's superior to the version on Films About Ghosts.

a little Regina Spektor for your Wednesday

Y'all know I love the Regina Spektor.  She is simply amazing.  I adore her.  The song of the day is "Hotel Song," because COME ON.  

I could listen to this song all day.  The version you'll find on iTunes is great as well, but you won't get Reggie Watts' afro. 

I’ll have one of each

I saw these on one of my favorite blogs, Swiss Miss, this morning and fell in love.  I particularly like "Sorry We're Sorry."  You can get these fantastic signs at Aesthetic Apparatus.  


Stefon is currently my favorite character on SNL.  

that shot goes where, doc?

You just have to watch this from my local news.


Yes, he said "so she's enjoying penis a little bit more, is she?"  I only had to rewind that 42 times to make sure that's what he said.  He said it.