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now I’ve seen everything

People, now you can relax — this is all you need for a better marriage.  

You're welcome.

applause applause appluase

 You deserve applause today.  Because you're awesome.  You're welcome.  

Gif from Señor Gif

oh, hell to the no

I've been in a bad mood for several days.  It's not my fault.  Really.  Do you know what mantra is for a bad mood?  I've shared it before and it's the title of this post.  "Oh, hell to the no."  Today  I thought I'd share with you the history of "oh, hell to the no" as well as something very special to me.  Yes, this is a Very Special Episode of The Kerry Blog.  

Back in June of 2005, I had just moved into the house I live in now.  I was extremely pregnant with the third child and the hubs was finishing up his job in Uzbekistan.  It was a rough summer.  It had been a difficult pregnancy and having the hubs gone was hard.  Then lo and behold — on the Bravo network there was a silver lining.  

Being Bobby Brown debuted at the end of June and cheered me up like nothing else.  It got me through the end of the pregnancy and recovery from the c-section.  Hell, it was there for me through Hurricane Freakin' Katrina.  

I can't put my finger on exactly what it was that made the show so special for me, but it was trainwrecktastic and I couldn't look away.  I set the DVR to full speed ahead and looked forward to every episode.  Bobby was just so-so, the show was all Whitney "hell to the no" Houston.  Whitney was priceless.  Maybe drunk or high on "life," but priceless nonetheless.  

Whitney was awesome for scenes like this:

Which is what you should sing any time your spouse is aggravating.  

Sometimes Whitney got a little belligerent.  

Yes, that's the same Whitney from The Bodyguard, people.  She shows many sides in Being Bobby Brown.  I'm still not sure which one I liked best.  It may be the Whitney in the following video.  This is Whitney and Bobby in a gift shop trying on sunglasses.

Why "Being Bobby Brown: The Musical" isn't on Broadway RIGHT THIS SECOND is the question I know you're asking yourself. 

And yes, that cashier was afraid for her life.  Poor thing never saw THAT coming.  


screencap by fourfour


Back to "oh, hell to the no."  Whitney made this her signature phrase on the show.  I adopted it because it's pretty fabulous.  Feel free to use it, but use it correctly and don't wear it out.  A pronunciation guide can be found in the link above the videos.  Don't embarrass yourself (and Whitney) by saying it wrong.

Being Bobby Brown ran for one season and produced a Christmas Special.  OH, YES THEY DID.  But I would have to say my favorite episode was the Mother's Day episode when Bobby foolishly agreed to keep his brother's children for the weekend.  The episode spawned the Whitney quote: "it's Mother's Day, not All-Everybody Day!" Thank you for that, Whitney.  I think of you every Mother's Day now.  The saddest thing about Being Bobby Brown is that Whitney refused to do a second season and will not agree to have dvds released.  

I can't imagine why she doesn't want this show to live on and on.  

sunday rewind: michael penn’s march

This '80s Sunday Rewind has been a long time coming, but as usual the trouble was finding enough quality videos to make a complete post.  I've been a fan of Michael Penn since March and think he's as incredibly talented a songwriter/musician as he is under-appreciated.  March was Penn's 1989 debut and with "No Myth," it seemed like he would be the new darling of the 1990s, but that wasn't to be.  Many people think of him as a one-hit wonder, but listen to the other songs in this post and I think you'll agree Penn is quite fantastic. Hit up the iTunes Store for all his stuff.  

EDIT: I hit up the iTunes Store because I can't find my cd of Penn's Free For All (great album) and the mixed tape a friend made of the album back in the day is still stuck in the cassette deck of my mini-van — yes, you needed all of that information.  So, I found out that now on March and Free For All have been combined in a 2001 re-issue of March, minus one of my faves, "Now We're Even," which if I recall correctly was the closing track on Free For All.  So, lucky you — you get two albums for the price of one!  Fantastic.

Here's the song you'll remember, "No Myth."

That song still rocks.

"This and That" is one of my favorites from March.

I wish I had this whole episode of Unplugged.  Here is "Brave New World."  The acoustic version is sublime.

What did I tell you?  "This may not be my best day, but this ain't no golden age."

There isn't a real video for "Half Harvest," but I really like the song, so here you go.

My favorite line has always been "What makes you think that just 'cause you dress bright means that you shine?"  Penn has such great insight.  

Love him.

sign round-up

Y'all know I'm a word junkie.  I love words.  And I love signage.  The goofier the better.  Some signs just speak for themselves.  All of these are from one of my favorite blogs, Oddly Specific.  

I need to go to this store because I never got my Obama unicorn.


So awesome.


Apparently everyone was kung-fu fighting.


You didn't know I wrote manuals, did you?

I think this next place would be my friend Molly's new favorite store.  

 Pepperspray, stunguns, and fudge!  What more could a girl ask for?

Would you do me? I'd do me.

"Not creepy trapped" always puts me at ease.

Y'all have a good weekend.

this has oscar written all over it

This poster was on one of the sites I visited recently.  I'd give the site credit, but I have undiagnosed ADD and I don't remember the site — plus — look, something shiny!


Katherine:  What's this black thing do?

Ashton: Whatsamattafuhyou?


I’m starting my Christmas shopping early

That's right.  I've found the perfect gift for ALL of my friends, and I do mean all.  Shopping for my friends is hard mostly because I'm very particular when it comes to gift giving.  I consider gift giving to be one of my strong suits.  It's a gift.  I have a knack for gifts.  Last year for Christmas I found fabulous patterned market totes and had them monogrammed for my scrabooking friends.  I also gave Mom Agendas and monogrammed Pottery Barn Christmas ornaments.  But not this Christmas.  This Christmas my friends will be cookin'.

I was perusing the last night and came across what has to be the most intriguing celebrity cookbook I've seen: Cookin' with Coolio.

Screen shot 2010-04-20 at 11.15.36 PM

 *I did not Photoshop this.  Seriously.

You know you need The Ghetto Gourmet.  Let's take a look at the Contents.

Screen shot 2010-04-20 at 11.12.54 PM

Now, who doesn't want to become a kitchen pimp?  Thank goodness that's chapter one!  I thought I'd have to wait 'til the end for that.  Appetizers for That Ass has to be a good one, as does Salad Eatin' Bitches (Crazy Pollo Salad "easily serves 4 crazy motherf****ers").  Coolio uses "dime bags" instead of teaspoons and has instructions such as "beat those eggs like a Mother#$%&er who crossed you" or "spin them around like a stripper on a pole."   Martha Stewart he is not.  

So, friends, start looking forward to your Christmas gift.  Oh, and don't worry, Will — it's on the Kindle as well.

where is Björk when you need her?

The Icelandic Volcano, Eyjafjallajökull, is wreaking all kinds of havoc, not only in Iceland and over the skies of Europe, but over the television airwaves as well.  

I wonder what Björk would say about this whole volcano debacle.  I have to go with THIS.

Bjork – It's Oh So Quiet
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old things

I like old things. Old things are comforting, sort of like old friends. I like stuff and I like to be surrounded by my things, it makes me happy. I'm not ready for Hoarders quite yet, but there are a few things I've had forever and I thought I would give you a peek into my weirdness. 

old things When I was probably eight, my great aunt Mary gave me this little garbage can with my name on it for my birthday. I've always loved just about anything with my name on it because when you have a name with an unusual spelling, you never just find things with your name. It never happened when I was a kid. Those license plates for bikes?  There was no Kerry license plate.  Pencils, pens, bracelets, diaries — nothing ever had my name.  Because I have a weird name.  No one ever spells it right and I'll never find it on a notepad.  Do you know who always found her name on everything?  My sister, Kelly.  

So, when my aunt gave me this garbage can, I thought it was great. This was also the aunt who gave me my first Barbie when I was six. My name is in green because  the carpet in my bedroom was green at the time and everything had to match.  This little garbage can held everything from crumpled up childhood drawings to ripped up teenage love letters in that bedroom.  It came to Louisiana Tech with me and survived many, many moves (eight in almost 13 years, but who's counting) and now resides in my scrap office full of paper just like it was back in the day.  Only now it's mainly test-run printed stuff for ScrapFest or old to-do lists.  

 The Kerry Weirdness continues.  Every morning I use the same Maybelline eyebrow brush that I've used since I was 12. It's just exactly right, it's old. I've bought others over the years, but none of them handle like the Maybelline brush from the '80s to sweep the perfect amount of auburn onto my blond eyebrows.  I have no natural color in my face save for my freckles, so the eyebrows have to get their share of makeup too.  

The Kerry Weirdness and old things kind of go together.  Hand and glove.  Fingerless gloves.

sunday rewind: more favorites

So, I was all set to do a Vonda Shepard '80s Sunday Rewind (you know Vonda – she was the bar singer in Ally McBeal), then after a little research, realized the song she's known for, "Don't Cry Ilene" came out in 1990. Not the '80s.  I've been planning a Vonda post all week, but maybe that will be a Tunes Tuesday post instead.  

Today you're getting more personal '80s favorites because it's my blog and I feel like it.

Up first is the lovely "Life in a Northern Town" by Dream Academy.

 Marshall Crenshaw's "Someday Someway" is a great little pop song.  Love the guitars on this one.

This clip of R.E.M. doing "Don't Go Back to Rockville" needs to be saved for future generations.  This is one of my favorite songs.  

And finally, with one of my favorite first lines of any song, "Such a drag to want something sometime," it's The Pretenders with "Talk of the Town."  Fantastic song.  

 "Maybe tomorrow, maybe someday."  Love that song.  And just for fun, "Brass in Pocket," which is pretty fantastic as well.  

Enjoy your Sunday.