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aka Mrs. Louisiana.

I was SO meant to wear tiaras. Happy Halloween.

aka Mrs. Louisiana.

I’m onto you, halloween punks

It's Halloween and you know what that means — by the end of the night I'll be beyond aggravated about something unexpected as usual.  Last year the unexpected came from teenagers who came to my door on skateboards with open backpacks muttering "trick or treat."  They wore Hurley shirts and caps backward and mumbled.  I asked what they were supposed to be, they replied "skateboarders."  Punks.  They were not in costume.  I guarantee they were on their backyard ramp at dusk when all the kids in the neighborhood started roaming in costume and the punks decided they wanted in on the free candy game. 

IMG_1129 Well, not this year, punks. 

That's right, teenagers.  If you come to Mrs. Faler's house you're getting pencils, staples, and some random chargers from old cell phones.  If you're lucky I may throw in frozen waffles.  If you're fourteen you're too old to trick or treat.  You should be at a Halloween party or at a horror movie or doing something that could possibly get you brought up on charges of vandalism (not that I'm suggesting illegal activities here on the Kerry Blog).  What I'm saying here is this: you teenagers need to get a life.  Go to the Walgreens and buy a bag of candy, then hang out with friends tonight, don't come to my house with backpacks. 

I have a sneaking suspicion that I'll have emo teenagers at the door this year dressed in regular everyday clothes and when I ask what they're supposed to be, they will say the kids from Twilight.  I'm not buying that either, teenagers.  I'm onto you.  

a little lemonheads for your Friday

Here's a little known Kerry fact for you: I discovered one of my still-favorite bands, The Lemonheads, by way of the now defunct Sassy magazine.  Loved that magazine, but that's another post for another day. 

I've been doing a lot of searching for visual inspiration for the ScrapFest! print materials, but one cannot have visual inspiration without musical inspiration, and this evening I turned to the Lemonheads for said inspiration.  Here are a couple of my favorites from Evan Dando and company. 

My all-time fave, "Confetti."  Love love love this song.

The wonderful "Into Your Arms."

And "It's About Time."  This song has great lyrics like  "patience is like bread I say, I ran out of that yesterday." 

welcome to creep city

When I was a kid, there was always that one house that went a little overboard at Halloween.  It seems now that I'm an adult (shudder) that overboard is new normal with everything.  Decorations for holidays, fundraising, birthday parties, activities, you know — everything.  When I was a kid, that one house played spooky music when you went up to ring the bell and and there were fake cobwebs (at least I think they were fake), a couple of jack-o-lanterns, and maybe a plastic skeleton on the door. 

These days it's a multi-headstone graveyard on the scale of the set of the "Thriller" video, sans the Michael Jackson zombie (but we're still a few days from Halloween, there is still time).  The other day I decided to drive around my neighborhood to check out the Halloween decorations and had to stop the car, mouth ajar to look at some of the houses.  Today I took the camera.

Think of this as my Halloween treat for you, readers.

We'll start out with the tame and progress from there (click the pics to make them superhumongous!).

This house has your basic scary 15 foot skeleton guy, cobwebs, and stuff.  Yes, this is tame in my 'hood.

More of the same, but looks like Skeletor got a hold of some of my old maternity undies and ripped them to shreds.  What's your prob, Skeletor?

I hate it when I forget to bury one of the dead and leave him out on the lawn like that.   How embarrassing.

Neighborhood cemeteries just aren't as scary in the daytime. 

Now we're talking creep city.  When you erect extra trees on which to strew moss and put up a rickety fence, that's creep city.  You can't even see all the stuff!  Here's a close up of the bat hanging behind the mailbox.

If I had a prize, this house would win.  Of course, I'd be too scared to go up and ring the doorbell to give it to them, but it's the thought that counts, right?

halloween’s almost here

don’t mess with me

Photo on 2009-10-27 at 11.57

This is my lip after a fight with my iPhone. 

Tip from Kerry: if you're a klutz, don't hold the iPhone over your face and check email while in bed half-asleep.

in which Kerry convinces herself of things she already knows

There have been many pets in my life.  My first pet was a dog named Shine who "ran away."  Then we had a dachshund, Otto, who also "ran away."  Next was a cocker spaniel, Sam, who was the best dog ever — you guessed it — "ran away."  My parents then got a chow we named Bear who "went to live on a farm."  At some point between dogs, I had a gerbil, Penny.  I put Penny on the back steps in her cage while I cleaned my room in the middle of the Louisiana summer and when I went to get her later, she was deceased.  Once I had a fish that committed suicide by jumping down the garbage disposal while I was cleaning the fishbowl.  When I turned 18, my best friend gave me a kitten (Figaro, the best cat ever), who a year and a half later my mom took to the humane society when I was in college (at least she didn't tell me it went to live on a farm).  Lastly, the kids had a cat named Tinkerbell who actually did run away almost two years ago.  Seriously, why would I lie to you people?  The cat ran away.  She was declawed, so she was probably met with an unfortunate end with a big dog or some creature from the woods or an alligator.

I have not had the best of luck with animals.  Most of that was due to my crazy parents who were obviously not pet people.  My family now has a basset hound, Lucy Dog.  She's a half inside/half outside dog because she still acts like a puppy and lives for knocking down Andrew, the smallest member of the family.  I know I do not need to take on another pet.

So, why am I looking at kittens and puppies in the classifieds of  I have obviously lost my mind. 

Maybe it has something to do with the kids getting older.  It's been an adjustment having Andrew in school everyday, even though it's only two full days and three hours a day on the other three days.  I can't deny that it's been a little weird for me now that the baby isn't a baby anymore.  Knowing we're not going to have anymore babies, that mothering thing in my head wants to hold on to the baby.  That mothering thing in my head has been rather loud lately, saying, "get another pet."

I do not need to take on another pet, I say.

But you love the animals.

But I'm allergic to the animals, I say.

You're already on allergy stuff, it's cool.

But I don't want to take care of another breathing thing, I say.

Oh, but puppies and kitties are so cute.

They are cute, I say.

Remember how great Figaro the cat was?

Yeah, but Tinkerbell the cat was insane, I say.

And she ran away, so that took care of that.  You need a pet of your own.

I would really love a cocker spaniel, I say.

Cockers are great.  Remember how great Sam was?

That was one great dog, I say.

There are cocker puppies on

Oh, look how cute THAT puppy is, I say.


At this point I realize I have said the last statement out loud and three children come running to the kitchen table to look at the puppy. 

I want this puppy.  I would name her Sadie and I would let her sleep in my bed.  I've never let a dog sleep in my bed, but look at that face.  I am in total puppy love with this puppy. 

I do not need to take on another pet.

blog lost and found

Because I'm a blooming genius and never hit save until the end, I just lost a post I'd been writing for the past two hours, that was actually started on Friday.  It was good.  You're just going to have to go along with me on this one, trust me, it was some fine writing — highly entertaining and informative at the same time.  Infotainment, if you will.  But it's gone. 

Just so you know, this is a dramatic reenactment of what I did upon realization that my post was lost.

Sunday rewind: A Flock of Seagulls

It's Sunday, time to rewind.  Today's 80's fabulousness is my second favorite band from Liverpool, A Flock of Seagulls.  I've put one of their song "Space Age Love Song" in a post before, but this is the Sunday Rewind, it's time to kick it up 80's style with the best of the Seagulls.

First up is the perfectly lovely "Wishing (I Had a Photograph of You)," followed by their hit "I Ran," and the song that still gets me, "Space Age Love Song."  I can't tell you how much I love that song.  If only pop music could get away from its Disneyfication and back to stuff like the Seagulls did.  It was pretty perfect.  Enjoy your Sunday.

you just want to have a good time (just like everybody else)

I've been in a funky mood and would like to have a do-over for this week, please.

This mood brought me to my Counting Crows playlist and the song "Good Time," which is one of my favorites (my Adam, guitar, and banjo — shut up).  This song is for real.  Love the lyric, "it's no easier for you some days/You wish you could tell him it'll be ok/but you feel a little shy these days/cause everybody goes away."   And of course the best part of the song is the refrain over the last minute of the song, "I really love the red haired girls, I'm just another boy from Texas."