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Georgia on my mind

When I heard Scrap Etc.'s event was going to be held in Atlanta, I knew I wanted to go.  Atlanta is one of my favorite places.  The hubs and I lived north of Atlanta when we were newlyweds back in 1997-98 in Gwinnett County.  It was a great place to live and we had heaps of fun each weekend exploring the area. 

This weekend some of my favorite peeps and I will be exploring the Crowne Plaza Resort for Scrap Etc.'s "Wishful Thinking: the art of creating memories."  I couldn't  be more excited to be spending the weekend with my girlfriends (even the fabulous Lisa is meeting us all the way from Connecticut) and we will see lots of scrapbooking friends we've made over the years.  This event is much different from ScrapFest! in the way that we will be in classes from 9am 'til 5:30 each day with cropping at night.  Most of us are used to the open-crop sort of retreats, so we're hoping to learn fun new techniques from some of the best in the industry. 

We're also hoping to get some good shopping in on this trip as well.  Can I tell you how much I love Phipps Plaza and Lennox Square?  Bloomingdale's, Nieman Marcus, Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton, Crate & Barrel (my favorite), Burberry, Nordstrom, Vera Bradley, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Tiffany & Co.  Y'all.  Oh, and Teavana — it's like tea heaven.  Love that.  And Perimeter Mall is close to our hotel, where there is a Nordstrom, so I may have to get the Mrs. Robinson dress.  And we can get an Orange Julius too.  Is there anything better than a scrapbooking weekend, fab shopping, and an Orange Julius?  Okay, dinner at The Melting Pot.  I'm pretty sure we're going for some fondue.  It's going to be a good weekend. 

Check out Scrap Etc.'s site to see the instructors and their blogs for some creative inspiration.

Event 09 banner 1

Sunday rewind: INXS

Ready to rewind?  As a girl who discovered music in the 80's, I'm always ready for the rewind.  That being said, I thought we'd take a look at a band I fell in love with back around 1985 and that love was cemented with their contribution to my favorite 80's movie, Pretty in Pink.

It's INXS.  As we do here on the Sunday rewind, we'll overdose on nostalgia and watch some primo videos from back in the day.  Today it's mainly from INXS' 1985 album, Listen Like Thieves, as this was my introduction to the band.   The album still holds up, it's great rock and roll fun and I think most of the songs could be released today to great fanfare.  And can I tell you how much I'm looking forward to the new album the band is recording as a tribute to their late lead singer, Michael Hutchence?  Brandon Flowers of The Killers is singing on one track.  I just hope they tackle some of their early stuff, it's just fab.

Anyway, here are a few great songs for your Sunday.  First up is "The One Thing," followed by "Shine Like it Does," and "Do Wot U Do" from Pretty in Pink.  You didn't think I would leave that one out, now did you?  Lastly is my favorite INXS song, "What You Need."  Enjoy. 

everyone’s special

I am not a people person.  Not really.  People think I am, but it's only that I like a small number of people at a time.  I do not like masses and I have never been one for parties or places where you would find lots of people.  Especially somewhere where I will be forced to talk to anyone or that sort of thing.  Keep the fact you just learned about me in mind while reading the following. 

Yesterday I went to Target alone.  It was the first day all three kids were in school since before spring break and I just wanted spend the day by myself with my thoughts shopping and running errands.  There were several items on my list from all sections of the store and for some reason on practically every aisle I happened be on there was a scattered-looking woman in scrubs.  Now, I can be a little paranoid, so I was starting to think I was being followed by a member of the medical community, so I tried to ignore her.

That tactic worked until I made my way to the checkout.  There were three lines open and each line was three customers deep, so I picked a line.  The woman in scrubs got in line behind me.  Then she started talking.

I might as well have said, "Hello, I'm Kerry: crazy magnet."  For a view into my world, here is the dialogue:

Woman In Scrubs:  I've never had to wait here this long. 

Me:  Yep.

WIS:  Do they have a — a — whadayacallit?

Me:  An express lane?

WIS:  Yeah, do they have an express lane?

Me:  It doesn't appear to be open today.

WIS:  I don't know if I'm gonna make it. 

At this point I closed my eyes for a couple of seconds, took a deep breath and knew I would be hearing her life story.

WIS:  I can't miss having my blood checked, I may have to leave my cart here. 

Me: Hmmm.

WIS:  I really shouldn't have put it off.  Do you ever do that, put things off?

It was at this moment I decided to do what I never do in these situations when I have acquired a new BFF in public  — I would be myself.

Me:  Yes, I'm actually a master of procrastination. 

WIS:  Well, I try not to.  Since I've been in remission, I have to get checked regularly. 

Me:  I suppose so. 

WIS (pointing to her chest):  They say you either die with 'em or die getting 'em taken out.  I just wish they could take it out.  Guess I'll die with it. 

Sweet mother of science, what is she talking about?  A pacemaker?   What can you be in remission from that requires a pacemaker? 

Me:  I guess so. 

WIS:  My legs just get so tired. 

Me:  I bet.

WIS:  And now I'll be late to the lab.  Did you see these? 

What?  Mini Funyuns?  Do they even make those?  Should you be eating those with whatever health problems you may or may not have?

Me:  No, I haven't —

WIS:  Doctor says I shouldn't, but I love my snacks.  Knowhadamean?  Ha!

She's laughing.  Hey, don't judge me by the contents of my cart!  The cookies and Goldfish crackers are for the kids and I don't even like pepperoni pizza.  See the Splenda?  That's mine.  Wait, are you saying I'm fat?  Don't make me slap you.

Me:  Um —

WIS:  I've never waited here this long.  I'm going to miss my labs.  If it wasn't for my cats I'd tell my doctor to just take this thing out.  I'm tired of living with it, but I gotta.  The cats like these too.

Funyun-freaking-eating-cats.  Oh hell no.  They're not Mini Funyuns, they're Wasabi Funyuns.  Good grief.  What have I done to deserve this conversation?

Me:  They're probably not good for the cats either. 

WIS:  I want an ICEE.  

Me:  Oh, look, they're opening another line!

The Woman in Scrubs hightailed it to the new checkout line and I looked around to see if I was being punk'd.  This kind of stuff happens to me all the time.  I don't know what it is about me that makes people want to tell me all about their lives in five minutes or less, but it happens almost every time I leave the house.  I must have the kind of face that says "tell me the kookiest thing you can think of."  But I'm anything but that person.  Anyone for Funyuns?

boat shoes

These Betseyville shoes by Betsy Johnson make me want to get a boat.  I would call my boat The Wandering Aye and I would wear these shoes. 

Lime green and hot pink would be the colors of my boat, of course.  I'm thinking Bermuda shorts with nautical themed pashmina afghans would be the crew's uniforms.  And of course our theme song (because everything in life must have a theme song) would be The Lonely Island (w/T-Pain) song "I'm On a Boat."  It may be my favorite song of all time for the line "I effed a mermaid."  Yes, readers, it is crass, but hilarious and you know I like the comedy.  Here is the clean version with the bleeped out curse words, so enjoy. 


As I told a friend earlier, I do not know what subtlety is.  So, I ordered the rosette necklace.  I'll have a pic when it comes in. 

Sunday rewind: Tears For Fears and mixed tapes

Welcome to Sunday.  In running down my iTunes 80’s playlist I’m thinking who to rewind to this week.  We’ve seen The Go-Go’s, Human League, Thompson Twins, and ABC — some of my 80’s faves and after a couple of weeks off, I’m back with another superfantastic band: Tears For Fears. 

Who didn’t love Tears For Fears back in the day?  I wore out my Songs From the Big Chair tape and I don’t care who knows it.  That tape was the jam, yo.  I’m pretty sure that was the first album I appreciated as a whole, as opposed to all the mixed tapes I had. 

Can we talk about the mix tape for a second?  Is there nothing better than the mix tape?  It was the precursor to the iTunes playlist.  It was the prescursor to all those “Now, that’s what I call music” and “Rock of the 80’s” and “Soulful Hits of the 70’s” tapes and cds.   I doubt I’m the first one to say that, but isn’t it true?  I loved a good mix tape and now I get so much pleasure out of making playlists — I could be a professional playlist maker.  The best thing about it is you can make your playlist reflect whatever you want and call it whatever awesomeness you can think of.  By far my best playlist is “Kerry’s 80’s.”  And it’s my 80’s because you will not find hair bands or Michael Bolton or Tiffany.  Absolutely no (cough) Richard Marks or (gag) New Kids on the Block.   I rather enjoy titling things as well.  I remember once having a mixed tape titled Just Awesome and making a tape for a friend called Music You Need.  Those were the days. 

Back to Tears for Fears.  First up is the video that made me go for a minor in Library Science and started my love of the preppy guy look, “Head Over Heels.”  Love a cute guy in a collared sweater.  Oh, the 80’s!   And more preppiness in “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.”  I just want to go to put on some leggings, an Outback Red sweater, my Swatch watch, some Eastlands and watch Real Genius.  Lastly, enjoy “Shout” and have a great Sunday afternoon. 

spring break round-up

Last Thursday when the girls got off the bus, Katie threw her arms in the air and exclaimed "we're out of school for ten whole days!"   Yippee. 

Remind me before summer vacation starts to start drinking.   I've never liked the taste of alcohol, but I don't like diet Coke either and I drink that sometimes.  I think I'd be a great alcoholic because I don't do anything in moderation and I jump into new hobbies with great tenacity. 

Back to this whole spring break thing.  If you read my last post and you may have guessed it's been crazy PMS week or just psycho crazy Kerry week, whatev.  Not only that, this has also been Kerry gets a stomach bug week — because she doesn't have enough going on and adores living in her bathroom. 

The most endearing thing about my children is that they are all quite affectionate.  This is a lovely trait until I get sick.  The Boy loves to snuggle with me in the afternoon, but this week he has found great pleasure in jumping on me as I lay across our bed.  In the afternoons I often retreat to our bedroom for peace and quiet away from the noisy living room, where the kids play wii and watch tv.  This week has been particularly noisy.

I have grown to hate the following cartoons:  Dora the Explorer, Diego, Spongebob Squarepants (or Bob Bob Pants to Andrew), Little Bear, Miss Spider, and Johnny Test.  My favorite of all cartoons is Tom and Jerry because there is no talking.  There is little to be annoyed with when the characters do not talk.  Last night while Andrew was getting settled down and I put the girls to bed, my mom calls and I answer.  She almost immediately says "who's that?  I hear a man's voice."  She says this because she knew the hubs was in Houston until today.  I said, "oh, that's just my boyfriend Steve.  Steve from Blue's Clues." 

Because of this week I am dreading summer vacation.  I plan to write a summer break manifesto.  Don't worry, I'll share.

this just in

My uterus hates me.  I just thought I would make that known to the public. 

P.S. if you have some Tylenol 3 or I don't know, maybe an elephant tranquilizer laying around, could you bring it over? 

happy Easter, peeps

Happy Easter to you.  I hope you have a blessed holiday with family and friends.  I'll be attending Easter services with the fam, then making a ham, spring pea risotto, and asparagus for lunch.  And carrot cake.  Carrot cake is a must on Easter, the Easter Bunny says so. 

And I'm sure at some point I'll spend time thinking about what this holiday means to me.  As a child growing up Protestant, I found Eastertime to be quite the interesting season.  For weeks ahead of time there were preparations made in the way of Easter dresses and shoes and bonnets for my sister and I.  Our dresses were always in pastel shades of yellow, pink, green, or blue and our shoes were always white.  Palm Sunday was a big deal at church, like the trailer before the big show.  What I remember most about those Easter services were the lillies that lined the front altar.  Through little girl eyes it seemed like a thousand Easter lillies, but I'm sure it was closer to 75.  There was always a contata on Easter Sunday, a big musical service with bunches of hymns and I could never keep up with what page in the hymnal the music minister said to turn to.  The whole sanctuary singing in unison in their Easter finest was a sight to behold.  I loved it. 

What I didn't understand was what my beautiful Easter service had to do with the bunny who had broken into our house and filled my Easter basket with trinkets and candy.  Even as a little girl I was cynical and suspicious.  It didn't make much sense that we celebrated our risen Savior by hiding eggs, even if the eggs contained candy. 

I never bought the whole Easter Bunny thing.  Somehow as a child, the magic Santa made sense, but a giant bunny delivering stuff was proposeterous.  Rabbits don't even have pockets, how were they supposed to bring me jelly beans?  See?  Ridiculous.  

Even now, as a mom of three, I don't go crazy filling the kids' baskets because I want them to focus on the miracle of Jesus, not a make believe rabbit with candy and stuff.  Plus, Molly caught on last year at age seven.  She admitted she didn't think a bunny was responsible for filling their baskets because as she said, "mom, bunnies don't have money or elves to make Webkinz."  I can't argue with logic. 

And if someone wishes me a "hoppy Easter" I reserve the right to punch them in the face.  Be forewarned, I hate that.  I know that's not very Christian of me, but I have warned you.  Happy Easter.

spring cleaning

EDIT: this is not a blog obituary. 

I've been spring cleaning.  I hate cleaning.  And so, while I put off tackling my closet (it's a walk-in I can't walk in at the moment), I thought I'd bring up what I've been pondering for a few days.

The Kerry Blog has been around in some form since 2005 (or '04, I can't remember).  I started out on Blogger and grew frustrated with the limitations it had a couple of years ago, then I took the blog to WordPress, which I loved for many reasons.  But I found a few things that I wanted to do in the blog world that weren't supported on Wordpess (only being able to post YouTube or Google videos, no custom CSS, etc).  And as I began to read more blogs, I found many creative types using Typepad (Ali Edwards, Donna Downey, Heidi Swapp, etc) and made the switch once again. 

I feel at home on Typepad, but I haven't been completely satisfied (read: sassified) with the look of my blog since I made the switch from WordPress.  And so, tonight I started playing around and worked on a custom theme.  It's not finished yet, but I'm happy with the colors — pink and green, my faves — and next the banner is up for makeover.  I'm not sure what direction to take the banner.  You know I'm not content with it staying the same for long.  I like to change it out with the season.  And while it is kinda springy as-is, it doesn't fit in the new format size and I might as well start from scratch.  I'm going to be doing quite a bit of design work in the next couple of weeks anyway, so it's great practice! 

Thanks for being patient with me as I play in Photoshop to make the new banner.