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funny pictures
moar funny pictures

it’s all over

ScrapFest! is all over for now and I plan to get in some quality rest and relaxation before starting to update the site and do anything else for the biz.  Megan and I are some kind of exhausted, battered, and bruised (literally) from the event and I think it was the best yet.  More on that later, now it's time for bed.  

My kind of gum

Melissa was kind enough to give me this pack of gum Thursday at the beginning of ScrapFest. My friends are the sweetest.

My kind of gum

My kind of gum

New shoes

I am loving my new fun OkaB shoes. Super cute. New shoes


The Castine Center during set-up. The after pic will be tomorrow. Before

another game for you

ScrapFest! is 3 days and 19 hours away, and I'm up to my eyeballs in stuff to finish, so here is another game, Plinko style, baby!

type-it game

I found a fun game for y'all while I'm busy getting ready for ScrapFest!  Enjoy.

For your safety

I know you can’t read the little sign on the basket, but this is from the drying area of my nail place.

The sign says: “for your safety. Please put your toe seperator in the basket before you leave. Thank you”.

For your safety?
For your safety

I’m just saying

As you know, there is no judging on The Kerry Blog.  Just love and acceptance.  And a little judging, but mostly love and stuff.

Sunday rewind: ABC

It's Sunday and time to rewind.  You know how it goes, I'll tell you a little about a band from the 80's playlist on my iPod and hopefully find the original videos from YouTube.

Today it's ABC!  I love me some ABC.  Martin Fry and company are still fab in my opinion.  They're another one of my British synth bands and yes, Martin has the floppy hair I love, even if he is blond (can't hold that against him).  Martin gave singing and dancing lessons to Hugh Grant for the film Music and Lyrics, and if you watch the videos you'll see why.  And my guy could rock a tux back in the day, y'all.  And the gold tux — shut up.  So fabulous. 

Here are "When Smokey Sings," "Poison Arrow," and "The Look of Love."  Enjoy.  Next week I'll dig up something equally amazing, although I doubt the band will be as well dressed as ABC.  ABC gets my Snazzy Dressers of the 80's Award that I just made up.