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Runnin’ on empty

Always loved that song. So fitting right now. Runnin' on empty

open letter to SJP

Dear Sarah Jessica Parker,

Can I call you SJP?  Good.  SJP, I feel like I know you — I know you don't know me, but I know you because I've grown up with you, via the television greatness known as Square Pegs and the film masterpiece Girls Just Want to Have Fun.  I've kept up with you through the years and being BFFs in my head the way we are, I can't help but feel it's time to have an intervention.  I'm calling your friends Helen Hunt and Shannen Doherty from Girls Just Want to Have Fun and along with your hubs, we're going to get things right with you.  About what?  Have you not seen the photographs?  Well, I was going to leave the evidence for the intervention, but you've forced my hand.  Go ahead and look. 


Do you see it?  Come on, SJP.  You know it's there.  You have a bad case of over-topping and side-boob. 

I know, I know.  It's the dress — no, it's not.  It's the boobs.  You've managed to put on a dress than serves as a boob-tray and go to the Oscars.  You know the dress looked like that before you left the hotel.  Not only do you look half an inch away from a wardrobe malfunction, you're boobs look like they're fighting and running in seperate directions.  When you're boobs look like they've had an argument, it's far from being a good thing. 

In the second pic, Matthew looks like he's about to break into everyone's favorite Broadway number "Hello Booby."   Lord only knows what painful undergarments you were wearing to boost those babies up and make them look fake.  I don't think they are, but they're looking it.  SJP, there was simply not enough fabric in the bodice of that dress.  I know a thing or two about boobs.  I have two of them, I've had them since fourth grade — I am an authority on the subject.  We've all had bad boob moments.  Lord knows I've inadvertantly flashed more people than I care to admit, but SJP, you have people. 

You have a stylist and a team of people who are paid to make you look good and make sure the girls are in place.  The girls did not behave.  I've never been so lucky as to have a team of people to help me get ready for an event, but I have had good friends to point out bad boob moments.  Once before a casino night in college, I put on a dress I'd worn before, a great black dress from Pier 1 (when Pier 1 carried clothing back in the day — man, that was awesome) which had an empire waist in the front, a deep scoop neckline, and was more fitted in the back — it was pretty cool.  Unfortunately, I had the wrong bra and I would have flashed everyone all night, so I did what any girl would do in the situation, I wore the dress backward.  And it looked great.  And no one knew I had the dress on backward.  And my boobs didn't fall out for everyone on campus to see.  True story.  Ask Kim, she will tell you (and she'll also tell you how her boyfriend Cody complimented me on my shoes that she said were ugly and didn't acknowledge how bangin' she looked, so she broke up with him.  Okay, so that wasn't the reason she broke up with him, but it was the last straw).

So, SJP, consider this your intervention.  Also, watch the final scene of your best work to date and remember the good old days before the Oscars when everything could be solved with a dance-off. 


hello, I’ve been saying this for weeks

So, I check TMZ this afternoon (don't judge) and what do I see?
Yeah, they're just noticing the resemblance between Danny Boyle (Slumdangdog Millionaire director guy) and Morrissey.  Dude.  I've been saying this since the Golden Globes.  Boyle looks like Morrissey's creepy uncle.  And for the record — Moz is way more attractive.   And because I'm still under the weather and it will cheer me up, let's take another look at my boyfriend.

It's Moz with a tommy gun.  I, for one, think the man is still looking good at 49.  And it's nt my bag, but since I'm writing about the man — he and his band are naked on his new "Paris" single .  Naked with just a 7 inch vinyl record covering their bits and pieces.  Really.  I didn't feel it appropriate for the Kerry Blog, but it's not difficult to find through the Google machine.  You know you want to look.

tunes you need Tuesday: the cute Beatle

Today's Tunes You Need Tuesday is a sentimental favorite and since it's my blog, and I'm in a sentimental mood, I'm going to share some Paul McCartney with you.  And I'm leaving out the whole Beatles aspect because far better writers than I have discussed his contributions there.  From my earliest exposure to The Beatles, McCartney was always my favorite, and I liked his solo material as well.  I loved McCartney's voice; it was sweet and warm and felt like an old friend, not pretentious, never trying to be the coolest guy in the room.  My other reason for always being a McCartney fan was for his lyrics.  He writes honestly and sometimes painfully, and his voice matches the song. 

The song that most exemplifies what I love about McCartney's lyrics and voice is "Here Today," the song he wrote as a tribute to his friendship with John Lennon.  "Here Today" is a beautiful somber song, one I identified with a great deal once upon a time and quoted in the beginning of my yet-unpublished novel.  Anyway, here is "Here Today."

My uncle Ron was the first to really introduce me to the early McCartney stuff and after the introduction I was smitten.  After babysitting my cousins once when I was 12, Uncle Ron sent me home with a stack of solo McCartney records and it was years before he got them back.  McCartney's first solo album, McCartney, was released in 1970 and he played all the instruments on the album.  If you were to listen to the album now you'd hear the almost raw McCartney sound you're not used to hearing.  It's quite different from what you've grown accustomed to and there are diamonds in the rough on the album, like "Maybe I'm Amazed" that was written in the midst of The Beatles break-up and the birth of Paul and Linda's first daughter.  It's a pretty perfect rock love song (not a silly love song).

1971 brought Ram, the second solo album by McCartney, then he formed the bang Wings with wife Linda, Danny Seiwell, and Denny Laine (McCartney would later add and subtract members of Wings) and they released Wild Life.  In '74 Wings hit their stride with Band on the Run.  Band on the Run is still a great rock and roll album (and the only album cover I know of to feature Count Dooku from Star Wars) that holds up great with songs like "Jet" and "Band on the Run." 

Wings went on to put out a few more albums that were decent at best, then McCartney was back to a solo act.  In '82 Tug of War brought a few great new songs like "Take it Away," "Here Today," and "Ebony and Ivory" with Stevie Wonder and "Get It" with the great Carl Perkins.

The 80's were a mixed bag for McCartney, with duets with Wonder, Perkins, Michael Jackson, and Elvis Costello.  There were hits and misses on each album and McCartney explored different avenues creatively, painting, conducting, classical music, and so on.  I really think he's back, musically.  McCartney's latest album, Memory Almost Full is good stuff, so is his Fireman effort, Electric Arguments

And for fun, here's Paul and company performing "That Would Be Something" on MTV Unplugged, back when MTV played music, in 1991.  Love that Paul. 

ladies and gentlemen, I give you the napkin dress

While watching the Oscars last night, loopy on allergy medicine, I wondered why Mr. I Brought Sexy Back Justin Timberlake (not to be confused with Mr. Sexy Never Left Prince) was not accompanying his girlfriend Jessica Biel on the red carpet.

I think it has something to do with not having the heart to tell her she forgot to take the napkin out of the top of her dress at dinner. 

See the guy over her shoulder?  He's saying "Damn girl, The Olive Garden need their table cloth back!"  Maybe she was planning to use the excess fabric as a hankie during the ceremony, who knows?


I blame the allergy fog

How did I miss the winner of Best Animation Short say "domo arigato Mr. Roboto"? 
Hell yeah, that's how you give a speech!

live blogging: the Oscars

It's Oscar night!  Can you feel the excitement?  No, I can't either.  I'm Kerry and I'll be your guide while watching the awards for the next how many hours?  Until 10?  Why did I say I would do this?  The things I do for my readers. 

I'm watching E's red carpet coverage, the awards start at 7:30

6:27 — Mickey Rourke is talking to Ryan Seacrest.  He called his dog the love of his life.  Why does he always have his hand in his pants.  Ew.  He said if Sean Penn wins he's going to clap his ass off.  He's wearing all white.

6:30 — James Brolin is with Seacrest now.  People are wearing white knots on their lapels to show support for gay marriage 

6:32 — Speaking of, it's Queen Latifah. 

6:33 — Oh, look, E has he "Glamatrator" — kind of like the telestrator for sports to explain the red carpet gowns.  Good grief.

6:34 — Ron Howard says they are close to making the Arrested Development movie.  Yea!

6:34 — Peter Gabriel would look like Colonel Sanders if he had a hat.

6:36 — I can't believe Evan Rachel Wood was Marilyn Manson's girlfriend.  She's too pretty for him.

6:38 — BRANGELINA have arrived! Who the hell cares?

6:40 — commercials are a good time to make sure the kids are tearing up anything.  They're fine, 'cause they know what's up.

6:42 — Penelope Cruz looks great.  STOP SHOWING BRANGELINA IN THE CROWD.  Lots of people are wearing white tonight.  I hope Salma Hayek isn't there because I'll get these two confused the rest of the night.

6:44 — it's a French girl, Marion C-something.  She loves Penelope Cruz.  She's inspiring.  It's damn Brangelina again.  They're both in black.  Obvious, isn't it.

6:45 — Jessica Biel looks weird.  What's with the big fabric?

6:46 — Beyonce, you are not an actual Oscar statue. 

6:48 — Kate Winslet is gorgeous.  I love her down-to-earth self. 

6:53 — I would not have recognized Alicia Keys if her name didn't pop up.  How pretty is she in magenta?  Like the hair.  Really like it down and wavy, very 40's retro glam. 

side note: my allergies are killing me and I've taken Benadryl, so there you go.  I'm on my second giant cup of coffee.

6:58 — I love Robert Downey JR.  Seriously, how cute is he?  He looks great in a tux. 

7:01 — Now for ABC's coverage and my man Tim Gunn.  I want to be his friend, have him go shopping with me.  He's talking to Kate Winslet, love her.

7:03 — Amy Adams is so freakin cute.  The necklace is awesome.  I want it.  I love it when a redhead wears red, that's the perfect shade of red for us redheads, just a tip.

7:05 — SJP and Matthew Broderick.  She looks like she should be on the top of a wedding cake and he has gone with the salt and pepper hair, but it kinda looks highlighted.  Weird.

7:06 — Tim, don't pander to Brangenlina!  You don't have to do that, you are Sir Tim of Project Runway!

7:09 — Valentino is orange.  Too many carrots?  Too much self-tanner?  Dear Lord.

7:11 — it's the entire population of Mumbai with the guy who looks like Morrissey's creepy uncle!

7:12 — OMG.  Mickey Rourke had a tux made for Loki the dog, but Loki died.  A little part of me just died, too.

7:13 — If Robert DOwney Jr wasn't married and I weren't married.  That's all I'm going to say.

7:14 — Sweet baby Jesus, what is Miley Cyrus wearing?  Miley, you are not Glinda from the Wizard of Oz.  Why are you at the Oscars?  Seriously.  Where's your daddy? 

7:16 — Anne Hathaway is just adorable.  Totally glam and poised.  Love the dress, the whole look.

now here's a damn bee reminding me that I need to call my doctor and get my Nasonex refilled.  Have I told y'all how much I had the allergy nose sprays?  I hate them, but they work and I should take just take it.  Okay, I'm calling my doctor tomorrow and getting the Nasonex.  Fine. 

7:20 — look, it's the accountants.  Fascinating.  Stop it.  They are dressed by The Men's Warehouse.  J/K.

7:21 — Meryl Streep and her daughter.  They both look great.  Meryl is in battleship gray, whatev.

7:22 — Penny Cruz again.  Love the dress now that I'm seeing it again. 

7:23 — Richard Jenkins from The Visitor.  I saw him on Letterman and he said no one knows who he is.  I didn't.

7:24 — Marissa Tomei has weird hair.  What is up with the one shoulder dresses?  Ugh. 

7:31 — and it's SHOWTIME!

7:32 — Hugh Jackman speaking in his Australian accent is weird.  I'm so used to him as an American in movies, or as Wolverine as a mutant.

7:33 — he's doing a recession era opening with homemade looking sets.  Stop.  Oh he just kidnapped Anne Hathaway.  Awesome.  She's so cute.  Love her.

7:37 — Thank goodness the opening is over.

7:39 — It's a past-winner convention!  Who drewsses Tilda Swinton.  My sheets are prettier than what she's wearing.  Tilda, at least get some Ralph Lauren sheets, that beige isn't working for you.   What the hell?  Angellica Houston, you can dress better than that?  I love Whoopi.  She got out her cheetah print sheets and put them on.  Tilda, take a note from Whoopi and y'all go shop for sheets together. 

7:47 — and Penelope Cruz wins Best Actress in a Supporting Role.  I love the understated jewelry.  Nice speech.  No, don't speak Spanish  — I can't understand you!

7:53 — Tina Fey and Steve Martin, now this is how you present an award.  Tina looks good.  Making fun of the Scientologists, priceless.  I really need a narrator.  Dustin Black wins for Milk –Best Original Screenplay.  He's giving his speech for the GL community.  Tina is giving props to my girl Charlotte Bronte.  This is funny stuff, people.  Now, Best Adapted Screenplay.  I want to win this, but I didn't write a screenplay, so I'm not elligible.  I want The Curious Case of Benjamin Button to win, just so I can quote Kanye West and says "this is some Benjamin Buttons shit!"  And Slumdog Millionaire wins.  Is it just me or does the title remind you of the Dollar Menuaire thing from McDonalds?  The writer is wearing a necklace-thing across his chest over his tie — wassup with that? 

8:03 — Jenn Aniston and Jack Black are presenting an animation yearbook — their words, not mine.  I like her hair, but the dress is nothing special.  Wall-E is picking up an Oscar, tossing it and putting in a tape of other animated movies.  Y'all Wall-E is going to win, hate spoil it for you.  Seriously, Kung Fu Panda?  Space Chimps?  Madagascar 2?  Bolt? I don't think so.  Wall-E wins.  Can I predict this stuff or what?  My man Andrew Stanton is accepting.  Velvet tux.  Nice.  He said "creative seeds are sewn in the oddest of places."  That is a great quote.  Animated Short Film is up, a lot of stuff we've never seen.  Nope, not seen a one.  La Maison Petit Cubes something wins.  Seriously, no idea what the winner said.

8:16 — it was nice of SJP to get her wedding dress out for tonight.  It's Best Art Direction.  I'm going with Benjamin Button on this o
ne again.  YEA!  'Cause this was gonna be some Benjamin Buttons shit if it didn't win.  It was partly filmed in NOLA, so I gotta love that.  And they filmed in Mandeville.  And the music cut the 2nd guy off.  Really, when you accept an award, make sure you speak first because the 2nd person always gets the music.  I'm giving tips aways for free.  Best Costume Design.  Why is Milk nominated?  The Duchess wins.  So far no one is giving superfantastic speeches.  Get Mickey Rourke up there.  STAT.  No one's thanking their pets!  No one is forgetting names. 

8:23 — Best Makeup.  This is a hard one.  It's Benjamin Button again.  The winner is reading really fast.  Boring.  Drop the F bomb!  Come on, give me something!  I give up.

8:24 — It's Twilight boy and Mama Mia girl.  She looks cute, doing the 40's glam hair.  They're showing romance in 2008.  Gotta love romance.  Romance and slapping people.  The two go together in some cases apparently. 

8:32 — Ben Stiller is rocking the Joaquin Phoenix beard and glasses with Natalie Portman presenting Best Cinematography.  I vote for Joaquin Phoenix.  Oh he's not nominated.  Some dude for Slumdog Millionaire wins.  His hair looks like mine the day after I straighten it.  That's not a good look.  His wife has an Ivana Trump hairdo.  What is wrong with these people?  Really.

8:38 — What the hell, Jessica Biel?  Did your boy Justin Timberlake tell you to wear that?  Did you forget to leave your napkin at the restaurant? 

8:42 — James Franco plays the best stoner.  Love him.  I think the Oscars would be much better if I was high.  If I only did drugs.  I am on allergy meds, I don't think that counts.

8:46 — look, a bunch of short films I've never seen!  Shelegnaflangerflamenschlitz won!  Oh, now they say it's Toyland in English.  This is some Benjamin Buttons shit!  Speak English damn you!  It's the allergy meds talking.

8:53 — Hugh Jackman in tails, ladies and gentlemen.  Oh, the top hat and cane!  I love some musicals.  OH HELL NO.  NOT BEYONCE.  She is ruining this for me.  Stop.  Stop it now.  I hope Etta James makes another announcement that she's going to kick Beyonce's ass again.  That was the best part about the inaguration.  No, not Lady Marmalade.  Maybe Patti LaBelle will kick her ass.  Oh no, someone call the po-lice!  It's them damn High School Musical kids.  What the hell?  No, not a damn marching band doing ABBA.  I'm going to shoot myself in the face.  Y'all I love musicals, but I hate a musical medley.  Sweet mother of sequins, it's over! 

9:01 — now it's the boys' turn.  The Best Supporting Actor reunion tour!  I'm always forget Joel Grey's still alive.  He is.  It's John Mayer in the audience!  Let's hear from him.  No, it's Cuba Gooding, Jr. talking about my friend Molly's boy Robert Downey, Jr.  He told RD a brotha needs to work!  Love it.  Creepy Christopher Walken is talking about some dude I don't know.  Kevin Klein is talking about Heath Ledger.  And now the Oscar goes to Heath Ledger posthumously.  His dad is accepting with him mom and sister.  Nice speech, well done. 

9:11 — here's my geek category — Best Documentary!  Y'all know I love a documentary.  Bill Maher presents.  Nice tux, kinda shiny, hmmm.  I don't know about that.  Man On Wire wins.  It's going to take some time for them to get to the stage because the Doc filmmakers have to sit in the parkinglot.  Dude, what is with the white scarf, red shirt and reddish hair.  People, this is the opposite of good.  He did a magic trick.  Are you effing kidding me?  This is the freaking Oscars not a children's birthday party.  And he's balancing the Oscar on his chin.  Damn showoff.  Who let this fool in?  Where is the real filmmaker?   Okay, the chick that won for Doc Short Subject needs a stylist.  Are you listening Rachel Zoe?!  Help these people!  I can't do it all.  I'm only one woman.

9:23 — y'all — how long is this on?  Damn.  I thought it ended at 10, it ends at 10:30. 

9:25 — a montage of crap blowing up. 

9:26 — Will Smith and his diamond earrings are presenting for Visual Effects.  He's also wearing a brooch my Mammaw Patsy  used to have.  Benjamin Button won.  I hope you're happy, Kanye.  Look how excited these geeks are — it's like geek prom night!  Sound Editing!  Woo-hoo!  Man, the Benadryl is working!  The Dark Knight wins.  Tonight the geeks left their cargo shorts and funny t-shirts at home and put on tuxes.  Sound Mixing.  Good grief.  I really deserve an award for watching this.  Slumdog Menuaire wins!  Here come the geeks.  You know the guy with the glasses lives in his mom's basement.  She's probably his date.  He sleeps in a racecar bed with Speed Racer sheets.  Will Smith is even sick of this.  He's explaining stuff and all I hear is blah blabbedy blah blaggedy dag dag.  Film Editing.  Who cares?  Sumdamndog Millionaire wins again.  Some bald dude accepts.  He kinda looks like Moby, but taller.  For the rest of the evening I'm calling the movie Slumdamndog.    Morrissey's creepy uncle waved.  Don't show him, he's creepcity.

9:44 — Eddie Murphy presens the Somebody Something Humanitarian Award to Jerry Lewis.  Jerry gave a short speech.  No standing O?  Not everyone stood.  Weird.  I don't care for Jerry Lewis, but you gotta stand for that.  Rude Hollywood people.

9:48 — snacks!

9:50 — Music time!  Damn.  Wake me up in a minute when this part is over.  Seriously, I played violin, I can't take it.

9:53 — Original Score goes to Slumdamndog!  On another note, Zac from High School Musical wins best Slicked Down Hair!

9:56 — I simply can't take it.

9:58 — WTF.  I know I didn't see a ton of movies last year, but I'm sure there were more songs that could have been nominated.  Tell me who won, Zac.  Props to Zac for wearing the skinny bow-tie, btw.  Oh hell, Slumdamndog won, "Jai Ho."  I've known a couple of hos and not one name Jai, so I don't know what this guy's talking about. 

10:06 — it's the award you've all been waiting for, Best Foreign Language Film.  For real, y'all, this is some boring stuff.  The clothes are even boring this year.  I know we're in a damn recession, but come the freak on!  Would it kill you to put some excitement in this show?

10:10 — Queen Latifah's going to tell us who died last year. Not actually tell us, she's singing and they're showing us who's passed away. Oh goody.  This will liven the show up.  This is usually when I realize someone died that I didn't know has died and I get mad that no one told me they died, as if it's someone's job to tell me about deaths in Hollywood.  I do this every year.  Did I know Roy Schieder died?  You know from Jaws?  I don't know if I knew that.  Damn.  See?  Happens every year.  Sydney Pollack died?  Where the hell have I been? 
Great.  Now I'm all depressed.

10:18 — I'm yawning.  I bet I'm the only one who is still watching this.  It's Reese Witherspoon in a really seriously ugly dress.  Ugly doesn't begin to cover it.  It's black and blue and sparkly and looks like something I would have made in 8th grade home ec.  I got a D in home ec.  Best Director goes to — wait for it — Slumdamndog's Danny Boyle.  And he said was receiving the award in the spirit of Tigger and jumped up and down.  Sit the hell down, Morrissey's creepy uncle.   It's sad that he gave the most memorable acceptance yet.  And ode to Tigger.  You must be kidding me.

10:27 — and it's the Best Actress Reunion.  All y'all can go the eff home, 'cause Sophia Lauren killed it.  Girl knows how to wear a gown, y'all.  Shirley Maclaine is talking to Anne Hathway like they're at lunch of something.  I think she made Anne's whole life.  Melissa Leo from Frozen River totally has my Mammaw Branton's hairdo from the 80's.  It's like Sophia Lauren said "screw this recession crap, I'm bringing it! Diamonds, pears, and all, biatches!"  Nicole Kidman is back on the sauce.  By the sauce I mean Botox.  Kate Winslet won!  I'm so happy for her.  She's saying she used to deliver her acceptance speech in front of the bathroom mirror when she was 8 with a shampoo bottle.  Her dad whistled so she would know where he was and he's wearing a black hat, so he gets props for livening this dog and pony show up.

10:38 — yippee tie yo!  it's the Best Actor Reunion.  What the hell is on Adrien Brody's head?  I don't care if it's for a role, it looks terrible.  And the goatee/scruffy beard is awful.  Ew.  Yes, we know Sean Penn played a gay dude in Milk, thanks for reminding us Bobby.   Mickey better win so we can have some good times up on the stage.  The Oscar goes to Sean Penn.  Damn.  He's wearing all black.  I am not a fan of the all black tux.  He just said "you commie homo-loving suns-a-guns."  Oh boy.  He called Mickey his brother.  Y'all, Mickey is sad.  He wanted to win for his dog. 

10:53 — big freakin surprise, Slumdamndog wins Best Picture.

10:55 — Hugh said goodnight, it's over, people.  That has to have been the most boring Oscars of the past few years.  I'll catch y'all tomorrow.  Be good and thanks for watching the awards with me.  Y'all rock.

new banner day! and live blogging the Oscars tonight

Dear Readers,

Since I obviously have no life I made a new banner for the blog while watching the trainwrecktastic Paula Abdul with her Forever Your Girl jewelry on HSN.  Last year Jennifer and I watched the "show" on the phone together and could not believe our eyes.  We kept saying "I can't look away," and "omg" more than I've heard in my life, even more than while watching American Idol.  Well, that was until I flipped through the channels tonight — Paula is back and crazier than ever.  And I now have a new dream job (sorry, Anderson Cooper) — look out host chick, I want your job.  I think I'm just the chick to sit next to Paula and think of crazy adjectives to describe her crazy ass jewelry.  Trust me, it was crazy.  And Paula admitted to signing most of her autographs in the bathroom.   There's a phrase for that, Paula meet TMI, TMI meet Paula. 

Okay, so I made a new banner in Photoshop with elements from Shabby Princess and fonts I love.  I think I may have to get the Font Junkie shirt on Cafe Press.  That's me.  Anyway, I figured the blog was up for a makeover.  It still looked too generic for me, now it's fresh for spring.  Speaking of spring, is anyone else having the allergy mess I'm having?  Seriously, my eyes could not be more watery and it's making me crazy.  Let me know how the banner looks.  I like it (and I dig the pom pom trim).

I'll be live blogging the Oscars tonight, starting at 7 (or when I remember it's on, or maybe earlier if I remember that the red carpet part is on).  Just hit your Refresh button every so often and you'll get the latest Kerry drivel delivered right to your screen.  No purchase necessary.  Void where prohibited. 

oh, I forgot to tell y’all, I’ll be here on Oscar Sunday


Since my lovely readers enjoyed my live blogging the Golden Globes, I'm going to live blog the Oscars on Sunday.  As usual, I don't know when it starts (wait, the time is on the poster — ok, I'm set), I haven't seen all the films nominated (what do you want from me?  I'm busy — I have 3 munchkins to take care of and I have to check Facebook at least 400 times a day), I'm not having an Oscar party (but I will have appetizers and a beverage), but I'll be here on my sofa, blogging it all for you.  I'm all about the people.  See you Sunday! 

I need this

EDIT: I forgot to tell y'all the diameter of this is around 3 feet.  I thought you should know the massiveness of this disco-ballesque sphere.

Every time I'm in Gordon's, I covet this rotating chandalier.   It's like a grown-up disco ball.  I need this