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only how long ’til March?

Another ScrapFest! is over and I’m almost recovered from the event.  I felt like a zombie until a few hours ago.  Megan and I will take a few weeks off and then it’s back to planning the next event in March.  I’m thinking a disco theme, since Vegas was a hit.  For those of you who missed it, I looked great in my showgirl outfit, although the head-dress gave me a headache and the makeup was a bit heavy.

Megan and I thought it went great and had lots of compliments from croppers.  I pretty much had laryngitis yesterday and this morning from playing emcee on the microphone and giving away door prizes all weekend.  The food was great, vendors were great, and the croppers were fantastic.

Thank you to the 55 people who got on the National Bone Marrow Registry.  You’re awesome.

More tomorrow.

Blogging from ScrapFest!

If I can’t crop at ScrapFest! I might as well blog.

It’s been a great day we’re about to call it a night.  I could use a massage.  The scrapbookers are having a ball and we couldn’t be happier.  Tommorrow I will bring socks, as it is aproximately 7 below zero in here and I’m wishing I had earmuffs and and gloves.  It wasn’t this cold in February.  And it was winter then.

Here’s the not-really-our-theme for this year:

It’s on our banner, tees, and buttons. Everyone’s loving it, but who doesn’t love a Vegas theme?  Super like it.  I’ll take more pics tomorrow.

I have a headache.  I should be wearing my glasses.  Remind me to show you my new glasses.  Black and pink.

Remember the shirt I was designing?  Here’s the finished design on a pink tee. Yes, it’s supposed to be half a fleur-de-lis.  Forgive me for the photo, took it with my iPhone.  I’m very pleased with how it turned out.  Like the colors.  Love the polka dots and paisley.  And everything else.  We are almost out of shirts and it’s the first day.  Looks like we’ll have to do a second printing for tees and hoodies.

It’s almost midnight, I’ll try to update tomorrow.  Megan’s schizophrenic iPod is playing Michael Buble and Garth Brooks just went off.  I just can’t take it.  Ok, for real — now it’s Natasha Beddingfield.  The girl’s never heard of a playlist.

Well, thank you Captain Obvious


No, not really, Blondie.

So, for the past past 3 years at the bus-stop in the morning I’ve seen a woman, probably in her mid-40’s, in a black 4 Runner with spiky blonde hair pass us and go around the corner.  At 6:45 in the morning everyday this woman has passed me, waved, gone on her merry way as we wait for the bus.   No big.

Last Friday we were waiting for the bus as usual when something out of the norm happened.  Blondie in the 4 Runner comes practically flying down the street, music blaring.  There usually isn’t music. As she approached I notice the song — “Fight For Your Right (to Party)” by the Beastie Boys.

Now, if you’re in your 40’s I don’t think you have to fight for your right to party anymore.  I believe you can just party whenever you feel like it, pretty much.  Maybe you can’t party just anywhere anytime, but certainly you have the right to do so.  No one would stop you.  I’m not much of a partier, never have been.  A lot of the time I’m not sure I even like people.  And I hate owls, they’re just creepy.  Anypoodle, never have I said to myself, “Self, I wish I could party tonight, but thanks to our society I’ll have to fight for my right to party.”  Never happened.

Tonight I’m going to have a private party.  Sorry you didn’t get the invite, I didn’t send any.  I’m going to put the kids to bed, then I’ll be partying with my remote watching the season premier of Boston Legal with a glass of tea and if I get crazy, maybe I’ll have a bowl of Cocoa Pebbles and I might even drink the milk.  Yeah, I know, it might get wild, that’s just to get the night started, baby.  After the Cocoa Pebbles I’ll probably get on Facebook, challenge Mandy to a game of Scramble, and after that while I’m hopped up on sugar I’ll answer my emails and set the kids’ clothes out for school tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll even order Molly and Katie’s raincoats from!  Hey, I warned you it might get wild up in here.

Thank goodness our forefathers, the Beastie Boys, fought for our right to party, so we can party freely today.

busy bee

Hey y’all.  Just wanted to apologize in advance, I’m super busy getting ready for ScrapFest! and will do my best to blog over the next week.  Still lots to do on my end and we’re really looking forward to the event.  I’m headed to bed and will be spending all day tomorrow printing workshop tickets and other various and sundry items.  You ready for the worst part?  I’m out of half and half, no Coffee Mate either.  I’m going to have to go to PJ’s before I’m fully awake and get a beverage.  By tomorrow afternoon I may be ready for a margarita, even though I’ve had my one margarita for the year (Cinqo de Mayo, ya know).   Later peeps.

Crazy week, sushi, & Sam’s

Whew, this week has been crazy.  One week ’til ScrapFest! and I have all the printing left to do.  I’m going to go through a lot of ink and paper this weekend.  Publisher and I are going to be bff’s after this weekend.  I’m going to take Publisher out for drinks and do karaoke.  We’re going to partay like it’s 1999 and then print more stuff into the wee hours while listening to some slow jams.  Yeah, my brain’s fried from being in front of this computer working on ScrapFest! stuff for the past 5 hours.  Yes, I said 5 hours.  I forgot to eat dinner ’cause I was burning up my keyboard and Hello Kitty mouse.  Yeah, I have a light-up Hello Kitty mouse, you wanna make something of it?  That’s what I thought.

Megan and I found a new sushi place this week.  Here’s Andrew learning how to use chopsticks.  Yeah, I’m teashing the boy all about international cuisine.  He loved the crunchy roll.  Of course, he brought in cars to play with. We went to Sam’s today.  I saw someone buy 6 cases of waffles.  60 waffles in a case.  That’s a lot of waffles.  I would multiply that, but I’m squinting to see this screen and think I need some sleep.  It’s 12:07 in the a.m.

Tunes you need Tuesday by request: hair bands

I have a ton of ScrapFest! stuff to do, but it’s Tuesday (for a couple hours anyway) and Anna Bess requested an ’80’s hair bands “where are they now” post.  Never liked hairbands, but I’ll do my best.

Where to start?  I found a website which lists the bands A-Z, but no extra info, so let’s see what we can come up with.

We’ll start with letter B.  Bad English was a group who named themselves after something to do with pool, but I wouldn’t know anything about that.  They had a big hit that I actually remember, “When I See You Smile,” which was written by Dianne Warren.  the band’s drummer. Deen Castronovo, later went on to join a reformed Journey with singer Steve Augeri, Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain, and Ross Valory. Bad English played a couple of reunion concerts this past March.

C is for Cinderella.  Did you know Bon Jovi discovered the group Cinderella in 1985?  Kind of neat.  Cinderella’s big song was power ballad “Don’t Know What You’ve Got (Till It’s Gone)” and they released a greatest hits cd in 2005.  They had planned a tour this summer, but the singer’s vocal chord hemorrhaged (ouch) and they’re hoping to tour this fall.  The album cover I clipped cracks me up.  I know it was the ’80’s, but Lord, that’s a lot of look as Tim Gunn says.

D is for Def Leppard.  They named their band Def Leppard instead of “Deaf Leopard” as a homage to Led Zeppelin.  Maybe they should have went with Badd Spelin.  Anywhoodle, they’re still around.  In fact, their  new album, Songs from the Sparkle Lounge, was released worldwide on April 28, 2008.  The album debuted at #5 on The Billboard 200.   Country singer Tim McGraw co-wrote the the first single is “Nine Lives.”

E is for Europe, which is a band from Sweden and I wonder why they didn’t just call themselves Sweden or  something, but whatev.  They’re still rockin’ and are going back to the studio this fall to record.  This album cover is scary.  It’s blue.  The guy on the bottom right looks a little like Emilio Estevez’s Swedish bro.  They aren’t very pretty, are they?

I’m skipping down the alphabet ’cause I’m bored.

I remember liking the band Living Colour and I had a good friend in college who super liked them.  They were the only all African-American heavy metal band that I know of.  Please correct me if I’m wrong.  Living Colour sang “Cult of Personality,” and broke up in ’95 and have gotten back together, planning to release a new cd next year.  BTW, lead singer, Corey Glover (no relation to Danny Glover) is on tour with Jesus Christ Superstar in the role of Judas.  No, I’m not making that up.  You think he still has the dreads?

Metallica just released a new cd last week called Death Magnetic.

All of Motley Crue’s original members have come back to record and tour.  They released Saints of Los Angeles in June and a film adaptation of their band autobiography The Dirt, is due to be released sometime in 2009.  They’re saying Christopher Walken may play David Lee Roth and Val Kilmer may play David Lee Roth and that’s enough to make me want to see it.  That’s hilarious.  You think Pam Anderson will play herself?

After doing a couple of reality shows, (CC DeVille in the Surreal Life and Bret Michaels’ Rock of Love with Bret Michaels) Poison is touring again with their original line-up.  In all of my life, I’ve never worn as much makeup as those chicks are wearing.  The pursed lips are killing me.  I like how the brunette has an understated look.  I think 80’s hairbands spawned a lot of the drag queens working today.  I can’t look at this anymore.  I have an urge to pick up the hairspray and a teasing comb (if I had one).  It’s sad that CC DeVille is prettier on this album cover than I’ve ever been, even on my wedding day.  I’m going to go cry into my makeup bag now.  Hope my mascara doesn’t run.

Oh, how I loathe you, school fundraiser

I really can’t stand the school fundraiser.  Yes, I think giving money to the school is fantastic.  Yes, we should support the public schools, but do we really have to beg our friends and relatives to buy junk out of a catlog they really don’t need?  No.  Can we think of a better way to raise money for the schools?  I like the whole rounding up to the nearest dollar Pet Smart and other stores do for different charities and Target gives to the school you select, so I know we can do better.

Here are some of the items in the catalog I will be sending to friends and family this Christmas we have to choose from :

I give you the beach chair votive holder.  I guess if you got a horribly bad sunburn on your last beach vacay, you may want to remember it by having this lovely burning reminder of your trip.  If it wasn’t such a great beach vacay due to family members, get this votive as a reminder of what a pain in the ass they were.

Next is a product perfect for the outdoorsman out there who may be watching his waistline.  It’s the bear claw salad forks.  I’m picturing a big-game hunter, just in from a big day (or night) in the woods, kicks off his boots, pulls a couple of burrs out of his beard and is hungry.  He goes to the fridge, reaches past the leftover lasagna, past the Popeye’s spicy, and grabs the micro-greens salad he picked up at Whole Foods.  He sprinkles on some fresh blueberries, walnuts, squeezes on some lemon juice and some EVOO, adds a little freshly ground pepper and sea salt and busts out the bear claw salad forks to toss the salad.  Has a glass of boxed wine, turns on the tv to catch a cable presentation of Pride and Prejudice.  Ain’t nothin’ like watching Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy after putting a cap in Bambi’s mom’s ass. 

I know, you’re thinking “ReeRee, I’ve got salad forks.  You know what I could use?  Something to help me in the mornings; I never have time for breakfast.”  Well, I’ve got you covered as usual on the Kerry blog!  If you’re a good boy or girl this year, maybe Santa Kerry will put a cereal-on-the-go in your stocking. 

I skip breakfast almost everyday.  Never have I been on the way out the door to take Andrew to MDO and thought, “if only I had a way to transport my Honey Bunches of Oats without it getting soggy in milk!”  Ok, so I’ve never thought that, but now I can have my cereal in car line, complete with a spoon.  Now that’s an invention.  Kind of reminds me of the McDLT.

Reading is one of my passions and I’ll read anything, books, cereal box, instruction manual, encyclopedias, but I really love magazines.  At one time I believe I had 7 magazine subscriptions and presently I get 2 for free and I don’t know why — for realz.  Anywhoodle, never even at the doctor’s office have I seen magazines like my girls’ school fundraiser is offering. Never at the OBGYN or the dentist’s office, or even the questionable nail salon, for crying outloud!

Love dogs?  Here’s BARK!  I’m not sure if this is for the owner or the dog. That dog at the top looks a little too happy, I’m pretty sure it’s a puppet.  OMG, I just noticed it says “dog is my co-pilot” underneath the masthead.  Holy mother of Dog!  OK, this is just ridiculous.

Now, I’m not as up on American History as my husband due to various reasons.  I once had a professor who passed out drunk in American History 101, so you can’t exactly blame me for my ignorance.  I’m no Civil War buff, but I have watched a lot of the History Channel and I believe the war between the states is over, so I was puzzled when I saw this magazine.

Really?  Don’t you just buy books to read about the Civil War?  I think I’m getting Scott this for Chrismas.

Southern Living is one of the mags I get for free.  Again, not sure why I get it for free, guess I’m so southern and alive they just have to give it to me.  When I went to the fundraiser catalog’s website I was blown away at how many different regions have their own magazine.  There’s LA, New York, the northeast, Dallas, Atlanta — I understood all those.  Makes sense.  I know when we lived in Duluth I picked up the Atlanta magazine more than once, but I never saw this one at the newstand.

Yep, it’s Trailer Life.  And if you’re wondering if you’re on my Christmas list, well, don’t be surprised to see this in your mailbox along with Cat Fancy, Timber Home LIving, Truckin, Urban Climber, Teen Strings, Coin World, and Gun Dog.  There’s also Garden & Gun, you know for the gardening hunter or gangsta who likes keepin’ his crib lookin’ mean ‘n green. I bet a certain VP candidate gets Garden & Gun!

Holiday, celebrate

Just wanted to show y’all what I’ll be wearing to any dressy Christmas and/or Hanukkah parties Scott and I are invited to this season. I would rock the green dress, but the black is so elegant and has a bow, even. Of course, if I’m wearing something that has a bow on it, I may be less inclined to put bow from a package on my head, as I tend to do every holiday. Both dresses are from Nordstrom. And, yes, I would be wearing them with a wrap, as no one wants to see the whitest arms in all of North America.
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Robbie Bee Charmeuse Dress (Plus)

Robbie Bee Pleated Trapeze Dress (Plus)
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Cold haiku

I hate being sick
I get this every autumn
Damn you, bronchitis