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connect the dots

Here’s the latest computer models of the possible paths of Gustav by professional hurricane experts. I like the purple track that looks like how I doodle when I’m on the phone.
So, you’re guess on Gustav is as good as any at this point. Stay tuned.
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Go away Gustav

Gustav’s up to a Cat 4 and we’re on the way to Flowood, MS – near Jackson. I’ll be blogging and keeping y’all updated through the storm. Pray Gustav isn’t another Katrina.

Thanks everyone

I didn’t want to get too excited about this, y’all know how humble I am, but thanks to everyone for your support.

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All hail Queen of Soul

I don’t know why this photo is making me laugh so much this morning, but the thought of Aretha going to the US Open is funny, let alone sitting with Kelsey Grammar. What do you think these two were talking about? Looks to me like Fraiser’s looking at ReeRee’s two greatest hits. Be careful Fraiser, ’cause ReeRee will smack you ‘cross the face with her purse and make you sing for mercy. If she makes you sing, do George Michael’s part in “Knew You Were Waiting For Me.” If you’re lucky, she may join in. I’d stop staring at the Queen’s double platinums if I were you. She’s this close to breaking out into the chorus of “You Better Think.”
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With Friends like these…

Megan and I went to Friend’s in Madisonville for lunch today and after our half crabcake poboys and soup we ordered dessert. We ordered bread pudding and the “Ginormous” brownie so we could share. You won’t believe what they brought out.
We could have shared with the whole town! We ate some, Andrew had some and the server boxed up the rest — in FOUR boxes! It was slightly embarrassing.

Gustav and the cone of uncertainty

People are starting to freak over Gustav down here. We’ve already made our evacuation plans, should we need to get outta Dodge; I filled up the minivan with gas today (all but 2 pumps had run out of gas at the station I go to); my MIL says Wal-Mart is out of bottled water, etc.
I’m hoping we won’t have to evacuate. Normally we don’t have to because we live north of I-12 (that means New Orleans & everybody on the coast, Mandeville, most of Madisonville, but not us). Evacuating for Katrina was awful and that’s when everybody didn’t leave!
Just in case you’re wondering and you don’t live in this area, the levees “protecting” New Orleans aren’t ready, they’re still working on them. And as a reminder, I’m posting photos of the storm surge barriers from London, the Netherlands, Providence, Rhode Island, and New Orleans from
I’m praying Gustav fizzles out and no one is put in danger. Every time there is a storm in the Gulf we hope it doesn’t come near us, but that means someone else has to be affected by disaster. So go away Gustav, we got a 3-day weekend ahead of us and I’d like to spend it at home, not in a hotel watching the Weather Channel to see if we have a home to go back to.
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Athleisure? Huh?

I ordered these cute Privo Trumpets yesterday from Piperlime — the brown with pink, my colors. These babies will be my go-to fall shoe. Love love love. Anyway, I went to the site today to check on shipping and I notice it says they are “athleisure slip-on.” Say whaaa? Who made up that word? Can I get the job of making up new words, please? What a great job. I love words, I use them everyday — I’d be great at making up words to describe shoes and all sorts of things.
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Tunes I want Tuesday

Had the iPod on in the car yesterday and “Too Late for Goodbyes” by Julian Lennon came on. I so love that  song and started wondering, what’s happened to some of the artists I like and haven’t heard anything by in a while.

So, here’s the report.  Julian Lennon is working on an album now, should be out this year.  His website is under construction and I just added him as a friend on MySpace.  I’ve never done anything with my MySpace, but I’d like to be friends with Julian.  We could hang out, go to the Corn Dog 7 in the mall and play Pole Position in the arcade.  I bet Julian’s a vegetarian.  Oh, well, we could get those orange cheesy nachos and share some M&M’s.  Oh, and Icee’s.  And after we could go to the music store, stand in the section with Lennon and see if anyone recognizes him.  I bet some artists do that.  You know A-ha does that.  And the “My Sharona” guy.  And probably the Flock of Seagulls singer.  Just for fun, I give you Mike Score from A Flock of Seagulls.  That do is the reason I’m scared of birds.  Seriously.

On to one of my faves, Michael Penn.  Penn put out a compilation last year of some of his best.  Can’t find any info on if he’s working on something currently, but how can you not love a guy who writes lyrics like these, “I’m between the poles and the Equator / Don’t send no private investigator to find me please / Lest he speaks Chinese / And can dance like Astaire overseas”.  That’s from “No Myth” — I could listen to that 10 times a day.  Michael is the brother of Sean Penn, Madonna’s ex and star of one of my favorite movies, “I am Sam” — if you don’t have that soundtrack, stop reading and go get it off iTunes or Amazon.  It’s all brilliant Beatles covers.  Michael sings “Two of Us” with his lovely wife Aimee Mann (great musician herself — former singer in ’til Tuesday).

Y’all know I love Natalie Merchant.  She’s working on a children’s album.  No word on a release date.

“Goody Two Shoes” (my theme song) singer Adam Ant is also currently working on an album, said to release in 2008.

My go-to for somber tunes, The Cure is about to debut their 13th studio release.  The band also has a 2008 tour in the works. Who wants to go when they come close to New Orleans?  I’m in.  I’ll bring the mascara and red lipstick.

The Smith’s frontman Morrissey released “All You Need is Me” a few months ago and his greatest hits album comes out in November.  And on a side note, this is the cover of his latest album.  Now I don’t know, but I saw Morrissey on something a couple of years ago and he looked a little rough.  Either he’s had a little visit to the plastic surgeon or he has in fact found the fountain of youth.  Does this man look 49?  That’s the age Wikipedia has, but he looks 30.  Maybe 35, tops.  I just noticed he’s sitting in water.  Maybe he’s sitting in the fountain of youth.  He’s just rubbing it in our faces now.  Damn fountain.

Tears for Fears’ site hasn’t been updated since 2005, when their last album was released.

Depeche Mode released a best-of last year and their last album of new music came out in ’05.   I missed that one. You know, sometimes it’s best bands have their heyday and go onto something else.  I don’t know, maybe real estate, or maybe freelance band-name-maker-uppers.  On second thought, I want that job.

What time is it?  It’s Morris Day and the mother effin’ Time, fool.  Hope y’all get the Jay and Silent Bob reference.  Morris, Jerome, and company reunited recently for a couple of performances.  Here’s hoping they get in the recording studio and make some music.  I want to see Prince and Morris Day and the Time make an album together.  Prince can get top billing.  Sign up Shelia E, but I never liked that Apollonia, so don’t invite her Purple Rain self in the reunion.  I just wrote that Apollonia.  First, like there’s another Apollonia out there and B, when did I start talking like my grandmother?  That Apolloina.  Good grief it’s late, I’d better let the dog in and call it a night.  After I watch “The Bird” video on YouTube.  Man, that never gets old.  Hold on now, this song ain’t for everybody, just the sexy people.

I’ll check out any bands y’all want to know about.  Just leave it in the comments.

Spaghetti cat

I saw this on “the Soup” on E last week and had to post it.  I’m a regular watcher of the show and thought this was a particularly primo clip.

I’ve never heard of the show the clip is from, but apparently the spaghetti cat is the new “bleep” when a guest says something politically incorrect.  The woman in the clip said “retarded.”  I think there’s nothing more retarded than showing a pic of a cat eating spaghetti and not explaining it.  If I would have seen that live, I would have thought I was seeing things.  For realz.

Spaghetti cat is my new hero.

For more craziness, watch this clip of a crazy cat lady.  She taught her cat to eat with fork and chopsticks.  Somebody call PETA.  Seriously, this is disturbing. 

Did you get the heebie jeebies?  When she said the cat wants to have a meal with Oprah, I nearly spit coffee all over my screen.

Why write?

I read today article on about a man who didn’t leave New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, choosing to stay in a public housing complex instead.  He kept a sort-of diary on the walls of the apartment in the two months that he stayed after the storm.  You read that correctly, two months — no water, no electricity.  Here’s the first few paragraphs:

Elton Mabry offers a guileless explanation as to why he picked up a black Sharpie pen and started writing on the walls: “I had run out of beer,” he says, “and I thought writing might relax me in a way.”

But this is only one of many reasons he offers for the diary he kept on the walls of an apartment in the B.W. Cooper public housing development after Katrina. Looking back nearly three years later, his explanations vary, depending on his state of mind, his train of thought and his ability to focus.

“I was feeling lonely,” he said on one occasion.  “Expressing yourself is kind of like a breath of fresh air,” he said on another.  It gave me something to kill the time,” he said on a third.

Chances are, there is truth in all these explanations — and many more. He was afraid, he was alone, he was hungry, he was worried, he was bored, he was uncertain, he was uncomfortable, he was unhappy. He was also evading the Housing Authority, dodging the National Guard and hiding out from a Trenton, N.J., police unit. And most important, he was trying to stay put in a place that somehow, in spite of the 2 feet of water inside and the utter silence outside, felt secure and comforting to him.

He got the urge to write when he ran out of beer.  Isn’t that true of all great writers?  Well, maybe Hemingway.  Anyway, the guy ran out of beer and started writing a line or two on his walls everyday for two months.  The article goes on to say he’s had run-ins with the law and spent time in prison, was an alcoholic, crack addict, and homeless before the storm.  The apartment he was in was an elderly woman’s he was staying with.  There are several pictures in the article and a well put together video featuring the Sharpie marked walls.  I looked at all the photos.  I paused the video to read the writings of Mabry.  Sadly, many of the entries recall Mabry’s drinking and hangovers.   It’s a mash-up of his writing about the heat, who he’d seen, and drinking.

Conservators from the Louisiana State Museum  actually removed the paint from the walls of the apartment (before its demolition) to recreate in a permanant Katrina exhibit in Jackson Square.

I’m dumbfounded by this.  I’m not a heartless person.  I understand that there are circumstances that leave people homeless, but it should not turn into a lifestyle.  Mabry is originally from Jackson, MS, where he learned to work with sheet metal at Hinds Community College.  At one time he was in the working middle-class.  The article talks about how Mabry shoplifted over the counter drugs and sold them on the street, but had to stop shoplifting because of foot and leg problems.  He then started collecting cans and sold them for recycling.  It goes on to say Mabry hasn’t had an income since 1984 when he lost his job and went on unemployment.  1984.  Katrina hit in 2005.  Mabry says he’s been sober for 8 or 9 months, but the article doesn’t say what he’s doing presently.  He lives on $132 a month in food stamps.  Okay, but it says he had backup plan (it actually says that):  “So occasionally I try to pick three in the Powerball. On Wednesday and Saturday, I get my little lottery tickets. It’s a morale booster because you keep thinking today could be your day.”

Times-Picayune writer Elizabeth Mullener, now you’re just messing with me, right?  No one else kept a diary during Katrina?  In a culture-filled city of artists, no one kept a diary worth putting on display in Jackson Square?  Maybe even a police officer or fire fighter?  Nobody?  Okay.  Not one of the politicians in the area?  They were all there.  A city employee?

Certainly Mabry was lonely and needed an outlet, the walls.  I sympathize with him.  I just wonder how much the Louisiana State Museum is spending on this project.  I only know about preservation from the History channel, but I know it’s not not cheap to preserve and restore things, so I wonder if it would have been better to help Mabry find a place to live and a job.  Help him learn a skill so he can support himself.  Get him off food stamps.  Maybe I’m crazy.

We do need to remember Katrina, but we need to get the people of New Orleans back on their feet first.  I live on the Northshore across the lake from New Orleans and the area my family lives had little damage from the storm, mostly tree damage.  My husband’s grandparents lost the home in New Orleans where they had lived for 50 years; we know many other people who lost their homes as well.  Like I said, I sympathize with Mabry, but Louisiana can do better than putting his walls on display.  With this kind of thinking we’ll never do better than we were pre-Katrina.